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God is love. Love is light. Light is life. God is the light of the life that loves.

With that come protection, guidance, and health.

Every day, we should invoke the Holy Spirit to specifically surround and fill us with His Light, so darkness can't enter. Truth -- all truth -- is in the Light of God.

Are there actual manifestations of that light?

Many believe so, and who are we to sit back as scoffers? (Skepticism is one thing; cynicism is another.)

The photo above, left was taken on August 18, 2010, on the feast of St. Helena, who was said to have found the True Cross of Christ. "During the search for land for a monastery and a future seminary, we were drawn to a large outcrop of white rock in the center of a pine forest," explains a postcard issued by the Te Deum Foundation in North Carolina. "Because the white rock was gleaming in the sunlight, we were inclined to take a picture. In the photo appeared a white luminous Cross which had not been apparent to the naked eye. We discovered that the Cross was formed by two sticks lying on different planes, the sun illuminating only the parts of the sticks needed to form a perfect Cross."

It is how God often works: just under the radar of direct observation. And often, there is a special feeling or other indefinable quality attached to such things, as in the photo, above, right, of kids crowning Our Blessed Mother (note the way the light formed on her face).

Happenstance? In some cases, yes. Must one be scrutinizing? One must remember that Satan can come as an angel of light. Does "open" mean believing everything? It does not. There are many photographs that on the surface seem unexplained. Take for example the one at the left, written up some years back by the daily Council Bluffs Nonpareil in an article headlined, "Woman comforted by photo of 'angels watching over you.'" The Iowa paper reported that a local girl named Donna Balesteri had taken the shot of clouds photographed from the backyard of her stepmother, Patricia Wallace. Although the photograph was snapped just before Thanksgiving, the exposed roll of color film (this before the digital explosion) was not developed until February -- a matter of weeks before Wallace's husband died. (He had been waiting for a heart-lung transplant but doctors were unable to perform it.)

This, as much as anything, is what we look for: whether there is some special meaning attached to an averred sign. Donna had taken the photo when she had spotted the clouds while on the phone and simply felt compelled to go outside and photograph them, not understanding quite why she felt as she did, then just leaving matters for a while, in no rush to develop it -- until months later. She had no idea, she said, of what would turn out to be on the film. "When she looked at the prints, she came rushing into the room saying, 'Mom, look at this!'" Mrs. Wallace told the newspaper.

On the one hand, it seems to be a bit too detailed; that engenders caution. Could it have been a "bleed" from another image? An ornament? A deception? On the other, it is somewhat difficult (and perhaps tends toward the cynical) to believe that  a widow or her stepdaughter perpetrated a fraud in their grieving.

And so we place it in a "suspense account."

The image was not what Donna had seen when she had tripped the shutter, she claimed.

Were there fruits? What were the emotions?

Said Mrs. Wallace: "I felt elated when I saw that print. With my husband's illness, we knew the Lord was watching over us and it really made me feel good." She and her daughter believe the image was of heavenly beings who had come to take him home. "The angels were just waiting for word from the Lord to come and get him."

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