Irish seer predicts great series of storms and natural disasters

         Alleged Irish seer Christina Gallagher of Achill Island is urging Christians to seek the protection of God at a time when the world faces an onslaught of natural disasters. 

         In an experience on November 24 Christina witnessed "enormous lightning bolts, exploding from flashes and filling the entire sky, followed by forked lightning everywhere, and then a combination of both," according to her official website. "She could see a road and people traveling in cars, terrified and bewildered by the catastrophic lightning, and thinking that it was the end of the world, though she knew it was not. She then saw a scene of widespread flooding, with a wide expanse of water pouring down as if from a high mountain and a similar scene with an avalanche of mud, and this was followed by volcanoes erupting. 

         "After this," continues the account, "Christina was shown four angels positioned at the four corners of the earth, and one was holding a dish full of fire, and another what seemed like a pole.  She could hear a voice during this, a voice she knew that was not of God, and it kept repeating 'Control, control!' Then Christina saw a black horse, with a rider who had long black hair which was strangely illuminated. The rider, who carried a bow and arrow in his left hand, was going into and through a severe storm, which Christina could experience. Then she could see arrows (from the bow of the rider) piercing through a document which was being held by a man of huge proportions. The figure was so large that she could only see from the neck to the chest and the hands. She was made aware that the gigantic figure signified the present state of humanity, prideful and arrogant, and thinking to take over even the place of God, but she knew that God was not going to allow this to happen. She also knew that the horseman with the bow was one of those she had seen before, mentioned in the Bible, and she had previously seen him with the three other horsemen, on horses of other colors, including red and white."          

         Last July 16 Christina allegedly witnessed tornados and exclaimed: "The water is going over so much, destroying so many." She was shown volcanoes and given to know that these would be happening in places unaccustomed to volcanoes. She then saw earthquakes, lightning and witnessed the stench of death in many places. She understood that these calamities will be multiplied throughout the World as the Hand of God draws closer to the Earth. At the same time she was shown a large Hand first in slow motion and then speeding up as it approached the globe of the world.

         As one follower, Marita Wodjak, says, "Since her vision there has been flooding in Bangladesh, in India, in Sri Lanka, in Malayasia, in Viet Nam, in Italy, in Greece, France, Switzerland, England, Ireland, Sweden, Ghana, Australia, the Philippines, Texas, Florida, California, Hawaii, and three or four countries in Africa and Uruguay. This is just since July 16."

(Note: An investigation by the Archbishop of Tuam in 1996 found no concrete evidence of the supernatural in this situation and as we have in the past, we warn that seers must be carefully discerned at the same time that we remain open to what they say)  

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