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Dear Michael,

I am writing to you once again with an unbelievable experience that has happened while we were in Medjugorje. (My husband Patrick and myself are the couple who were married in December of 2005 and spent our honeymoon in Medjugorje when we received the blood of the Risen Christ).

This will be our third year in a row that we enjoy going to Medjugorje in February. We love going so we can re-consecrate our marriage to Our Blessed Mother. We also love the fact that this "off season" is not as crowded as the summer or even as hot. Our Blessed Mother loves to shower us with her gifts and toward the end of our week she drenches us with her graces.

We were in Medjugorje this February 11th through the 19th. It was Saturday February 16th, we were invited again for breakfast with Nancy and Patrick Latta at their castle. Nancy is Fr. Jozo Zovko's translator. It was here in the castle that we met for the first time Sister Emmanuel. She had with her the new book, "The Hidden Child of Medjugorje". She gave us a signed copy, along with a written note for us. I couldn't wait to read this book since I had seen many of her tapes and videos. She has an absolutely incredible presence. We couldn't believe we were sharing breakfast with her.

That night I was not feeling so well, so my husband Patrick and I went to the 6:00 pm mass alone. I stayed behind and thought I would get some sleep. As it turned out I couldn't sleep so I picked up Sister Emmanuel's book and started reading. What I found interesting was the tables of contents was in roman columns (I thought this was a bit strange but just made a mental note).

Every topic in the book pertained to me. I read the section on forgiveness and just loved it. (I had a personal problem going on and before we left for Medjugorje. I asked the Lord to help me with forgiving others who I have been hurt by.) Well this section gave me a step by step solution on how to forgive. I remember thinking, "I can do this". it spoke about how people who hurt us must be viewed as children. How easy it is to forgive children. God views us as his children and he always forgives us when we ask and are truly sorry. It did go into much more detail but I remember the jest of it. The whole book pertained to me, including financial issues that were in this book.

I told my husband that this was Sister Emmanuel's best work and how he must read the chapter on forgiveness because it really helped me. So anyway we now return home and I decide to finish the book. Well I went to find the chapter on forgiveness and not only was it NOT in the book but everything I read was NOT there either. The table of contents was not in roman columns or any of the topics I saw. It was then I realized that this was just for me. Jewels from heaven is what I like to think of it as.

Most people would think we were crazy or maybe confused with another book. But this is not the case. I remember feeling honored after reading the note she wrote us in the book and then continued to read what I thought was Sister's writings.

How wonderful is Our Blessed Mother who always comes to our aid especially when we are in most need of it.


Andrea and Patrick, Melville, New York


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