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Life Missions, Family Healings, by Michael H. Brown, a booklet compilation, overview and close look at the growing claims that family lines can be plagued by problems caused by spirits that come down through the generations -- leading to illness, distress of many sorts, and inexplicable family tendencies! Yet something that a number of priests -- citing Scripture -- claim can be cast away through recognition of the problems, partaking of the sacraments, and diligent prayer. Included is an extremely powerful prayer of deliverance, a family healing prayer, and the blessing for use of sacramental salt! May your family be blessed by it! (below for paper version; here for Kindle  or Nook)

Healing the Family Tree by Rev. John Hampsch   A blockbuster on how sin and evil can follow down through the generations, affecting our families in ways we never knew! Based on an intimate familiarity with Scripture, Father Hampsch, a renowned psychologist and charismatic priest , grants us new tools to approach stubborn problems and curses.  This is a fascinating, almost untouched, powerful area! And this book, by such a scholar, backs up the principle with tremendously powerful and in-depth citations from the Bible, Old and New, making the case in a groundbreaking fashion that should be considered by any charismatic prayer group or priest!
(65 pp)  $5.00   (295 pp)   $12.95    

Healing Power for the Heart, by Robert Abel, author of The Catholic Warrior, on how we can expunge evil from our lives and cause actual physical as well as emotional healing, with unique perspectives, examples, and techniques of purging matters from our pasts and darkness that may afflict our future. Jesus came so that we could have life and have it more abundantly. he wants to heal our wounds and fill our hearts with love.

Healing Power Prayers, compiled by Robert Abel, a little booklet of prayers of surrender, healing, reconciliation, a prayer to the 'Divine Physician.' This is a booklet by an expert in spiritual warfare, who includes a 'prayer for a Creative Miracle,' a 'healing prayer of command,' a prayer for inner healing, a prayer for generational healing, healing Scriptures, and last but not least -- in this struggle -- a prayer for peace and rest!
(65  pp)  $5.99  (25 pp)   $1.00     

Layperson's Manual for Healing,  by Fr. Robert DeGrandis, another popular book by this world-known charismatic priest. Fr. DeGrandis explores how attitudes and sinfulness affect our openness as instruments of God's healing love; the sacraments as a means of healing; forgiveness as an essential ingredient; and the healing bad memories! [click here for other Fr. DeGrandis books] Spiritual Healing of the Family and the Story, by Fr. Robert DeGrandis, the highly popular, charismatic priest takes a look at how we can heal our families of spiritual disorders, how we must learn to pray for this, how to approach inner healing, and how first we have to heal ourselves. He also discusses how to purge negative spirits that may be haunting marriages. [click here for other Fr. DeGrandis books]
(117  pp)   $5.95      (47 pp)  $5.00  

The Practice of Healing Prayer, by Francis MacNutt, a packed, powerful book outlining the role of healing-deliverance in the Church from ancient times to now and how miracles are actually effected -- the way to pray with the ill, the manner of laying on hands, actual testimony, cases, and much more -- endorsed by his bishop. CDs: Healing Through Rosary, by Father Robert DeGrandis, with Cecilia Kittley, actually two CDs with music that includes the "Ave Maria. Fr. DeGrandis is a member of the Society of St. Joseph and has traveled worldwide in the charismatic Catholic community. He has many gifts, with deliverance and healing through prayer among them!
(141 pp) $8.75  (two CDs)  $17.00 

Inner Healing Through Meditations on the Stations of the Cross by Father Robert DeGrandis, another remarkably helpful and yet simple guide to God's love and healing power. This gifted priest has traveled the world teaching the charismatic joys of being an active and prayerful Christian!   Healing of Self-Image by Father Robert DeGrandis and Betty Tapscott, a highly popular teaching on how we can actively heal memories that often affect us in hidden and painful ways. How to feel good and beautiful and to make your children feel the same way. Father DeGrandis has preached in 20 countries!
(31 pp)  $3.00 (38 pp)   $5.00     

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CD: Sing and Praise for Healing, by Fr. Robert DeGrandfis and Cecilia Kittley, a powerful and popular CD of healing using music and a guide for prayers that effect emotional, intellectual spiritual, relational, and physical healing -- including how to heal through the Lord's Prayer. Fr. DeGrandis is a noted charismatic priest who has traveled the world and written  popular booklets!  


Intergenerational Healing by Father Robert DeGrandis This book discusses how our negative actions and the negative actions of our ancestors can adversely affect us.  Father gives his own testimony on how this affected his family and shows how to sever the unwanted patterns of behavior through prayer and Holy Mass. Remarkable insights and results!

 (CD)  $14.95      (112  pp)    $6.00   

Freed and Healed Through Fasting, by Sister Emmanuel, a little powerhouse of a book that indicates the reason for fasting, how best to do it -- and its often dramatic effects! When divorce is 'inevitable,' when a loved one is sick, when someone is hooked on drugs, when fear is intense, turn to the true power of fasting, through which Heaven so quickly responds! Highly popular.  


Managing Stress (with the help of your Catholic Faith), by Mary Lou Rosien. Experiencing stress can be frustrating, upsetting, or downright debiitating -- unhealthy. Managing it can provide new joys -- providing a source of new energy, accomplishment and application of faith. Learn how to reduce stress and find comfort and release in prayer!

  (85  pg)   $6.95     (61 pp)  $5.50  

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The Rosary Heals: Untold Stories of Jesus,  by Fr. Robert DeGrandis and Eugene Koshenina, a dynamic compendium that shows how the accounts of the life of Jesus can bring a spiritual force into our lives by meditating on the Joyful, Luminous, Sorrowful, and Glorious mysteries of Christ, by the bestselling priest and charismatic expert who has traveled the world with his potent ministry!  


Miracle Moments,  by Linda Schubert, powerful prayers of healing and hope from the bestselling author of 'Miracle Hour.' This book is an invitation to prayer that will help us to see, know, and experience the Heart of God. To redeem failure. To heal relationships. To strengthen marriage. For physical healing. Emotional healing. Times of trouble. Linda always provides useful insights and potent way of praying.
(122 pp)  $7.95     (48 pp)  $3.95   

Healing the Haunted  by Kenneth McAll, M.D.  A fascinating  collection of case studies from Dr. McAll's work in ancestral healing and haunted houses. Follow Dr. McAll's incredible  journey as he identifies the ancestor who is doing the haunting and treats them as a soul in need of help and release. In short accounts he investigates everything from possession to the Bermuda Triangle. A short but fascinating read into areas most never even contemplate!

Healing the Broken Heart,  by Fr. Robert DeGrandis (with Linda Schubert), the renowned charismatic priest invites you to embark on a journey of healing with Jesus through forgiveness of yourself, your family, your associates, your friends, professional people, society -- and the person who hurt you most in life. Each section has specific prayers that guide you through forgiveness and healing. Especially helpful for those who have had abortions or miscarriages. A healing journey!
( 96 pp)   $6.95      (102 pp)   $6.95    

A Guide to Healing the Family Tree by Kenneth McAll, M.D, The ideal book for anyone interested in learning about Ancestral Healing. Dr. McAll shows us that people suffering from a variety of illnesses are being influenced by disturbed souls from previous generations. The author tells us that healing lies in confession, forgiveness, Mass, God, and devotion for the Eucharist. 

Holy Eucharist, by Bob Rice, this book can truly work wonders! Former protestant pastor and now a healer speaks out on the real power behind the Catholic sacraments, especially the power to transform us spiritually and when coupled with a powerful forgiveness prayer, to create miraculous healings! A quick but unforgettable little read.
(230  pp)   $8.95    (102 pp)  $6.50    

The Bible Cure for Weight Loss and Muscle Gain, by Dr. Don Colbert, a Christian physician whose books on health are runaway bestsellers. This book teaches the biblical secrets behind obesity, your healthy weight, the right exercise and lifestyle, the role of vitamins, all with a base in the Bible! It has sold two million copies.

Miracles Every Day, by Maura Poston Zagrans, the truly inspiring, fascinating account of a highly devout Catholic doctor who combines medicine with the supernatural in healing patients -- countless of them, each day, by laying on his hands! This is the story of Dr. Issam Nemeh of Cleveland, who has helped with the impossible: injuries healed, cancers cured, sight restored. Recommended!
  $6.95  (hardcover  pp 231)   $17.00 

Fit For Eternal Life, by Kevin Vost, a Catholic psychologist who went from 230 pounds to a size 32 waist by regulating diet, exercising (his expertise is weight-lifting, which he discusses in detail), and following the hidden precepts of Christianity in which we are told to be fit and told on to do it! Good advice for all!

The Catholic Workout, by Michael Carrera, build your body as well as your faith with this new book by a personal trainer who is a devout Catholic and has devised exercise programs that will tone your 'temple' as well as help in weight loss at the same time as you pray and meditate on aspects of our faith. Use your body as an expression of love for God. All you need is a Rosary, a small set of dumbbells, and thirty minutes! Very interesting resistance exercises.
(227 pp)   $17.00  (141 pp)  $15.95

Jesus Wants to Heal Your Life, by Regis and Maissa Castro, another dynamic and charismatic booklet of spiritual uplift and anointing that shows how God through jesus enters our innermost being and causes stubborn problems to dissolve as we are taken onto the path of healing! There are prayers, Scriptural passages, testimonies, and instruction on how to 'receive'! From the author of the Rosary of Liberation.

Healing is for You, by Maria Vadia, another anointed can't put me down book from a charismatic who takes us through glimpses of her own powerful conversion to many attributes of the Spirit, discussing why healing is your inheritance, how curses can interfere, how to release faith, the problem of unconfessed sins,  how to access your healing, healing in gifts of the Holy Spirit, healing in the Eucharist, healing in the Word of God!
(78 pp)  $7.00  (97 pp)   $8.95  

Miracles, Healing for a Broken World,   by Fr. Stefan Starzynski, a fascinating collection of miracles and graces and victories in spiritual warfare and healing from a priest who embraces the mystical side of Catholicism and demonstrates how it brings the Church alive: twenty testimonies of individuals and families touched by his unusual gifts!

Praying the Rosary for Inner Healing, by Fr. Dwight Longnecker, a new, powerful book showing how to use the Rosary and its mysteries and meditations to heal inner hurts, emotional distress, memories, trauma, stress, and pain -- replete with testimonies and examples of healing 'miracles' using Mary's way of prayer! Our highest recommendation.
 (152  pp)  $14.00 (hardcover, 158 pp)  $14.50 


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