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At Mystic's Grave, There Now Seems To Be Much Grace, Not To Mention Pictures

It has been more than a year since the death of the great Catholic mystic Maria Esperanza de Bianchini, and yet the signs, it would appear, continue. Those close to her report various phenomena, and there are also those who notice, as they did at the Church-approved apparition site of Betania itself (at which she was the seer), unusual manifestations of the sun near her grave.

Does Heaven continue to guide us through her? It was Esperanza who said we are in a special time during which there will be both grave and glorious events -- a "good test," was the way she put it: a purification. Right after her death in August of 2004 the series of hurricanes and other natural events began.

At any rate, you discern. We are not photographic experts. Whatever the potential explanations (with photography, they are endless), the photos below, taken at her grave, seem at least uplifting.

"October 15th, 2005, we all prayed the Rosary on the way to the grave and upon arriving, we prayed the Joyful and Glorious Mysteries," says Jesse Aranda of Austell, Georgia, who took the above photos. "Afterwards, many decided to just say their own prayers and intentions. Meanwhile, I took some photo close-ups and such. I decided to move a distance from everyone to include the sun. I believed it would make a good picture. I decided to take them on the camera just to see how they turned out. (Please keep in mind I have a habit of taking shots with the sun as it does provide a great photo!) I've never seen any thing like these!   

"I went to my friend, Sadie, to see what she thought and she was surprised as I was. Everyone there liked them too. Anyway, after all saw them, I went to a friend just to chat. I noticed a little gold glitter around her eyes and asked if she knew about it. She said 'no' and rubbed off some with my fingers. Some came to see!  I went to Sadie to tell her and noticed another pilgrim with gold glitter all over her face, neck, front and back! A few others had glitter as well!"


[resources: Esperanza's book, The Bridge to Heaven]

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