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 The Alleged 'Mammoth Mountain 'Prophecy':

Fact -- or Fiction?

Mammoth Mountain is a volcano that lies to the west of the town of Mammoth Lakes, California in the Inyo National Forest. Mammoth Mountain is home to the Mammoth Mountain Ski Area which is notable in that it gets an unusually large amount of snow, due to Mammoth Mountain lying in a low gap in the Sierra crest. In the summer months the ski gondolas are used by mountain bikers and tourists who wish to get a spectacular summit view of Long Valley Caldera directly to the east and Sierra peaks to the west, south and north.

The mountain was formed from a long series of eruptions that started about 200,000 years ago and lasted to perhaps 50,000 years ago, although the volcano is still active with minor eruptions; the largest of which was a minor phreatic (steam) eruption 600 years ago. Mammoth Mountain is composed primarily of dacite and rhyolite; some of which have been altered by hydrothermal activity from fumaroles (steam vents). Mammoth lies on the South end of the Mono-Inyo chain of volcanic craters, some of which erupted as recently as 250 years ago.

Mammoth Mountain is on the southwestern edge of Long Valley Caldera, a large area that subsided after an enormous eruption 760,000 years ago. In fact the same magma chamber that was the source of the heat that eventually caused this great eruption also feeds Mammoth Mountain through fissures at the edge of the caldera.

Mammoth is outgassing large amounts of carbon dioxide out of its South flank, near Horseshoe Lake. The concentration of carbon dioxide in the ground reaches over 50%. Measurements of the total discharge of carbon dioxide gas at the Horseshoe Lake tree kill area range from 50-150 tons per day. This high concentration causes trees to die in six regions that total about 170 acres (0.688 kmē) in size (see photo, below). Camping has been prohibited in the tree kill area since 1995, to prevent asphyxiation of campers due to accumulation of carbon dioxide in tents and restrooms.

The tree kills originally were attributed to a severe drought that affected California in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Another idea was that the kills were the result of a pathogen or other biological infestation. However neither idea explained why all trees in the affected areas were killed regardless of age or health. Then in March 1990, a United States Forest Service ranger became ill with suffocation symptoms after being in a snow-covered cabin near Horseshoe Lake. Doctors later determined the cause: carbon dioxide poisoning.

Measurements around the lake found that restrooms and tents had a greater than 1% CO2 concentration (toxic), and a deadly 25% concentration of CO2 in a small cabin. CO2 concentrations of less than 1% are typical and healthy in most soils, however soil concentrations of CO2 in the tree kill areas ranged from 20% to 90%. This overabundance of CO2 was found to be the cause of the tree kills because tree roots need to absorb O2 directly and the high CO2 level reduced available O2. Researchers also determined that Mammoth releases about 1,300 tons of CO2 every day. As of 2003 the concentration of carbon dioxide in soil gas at Mammoth Mountain is being monitored on a continuous, year-round basis at four sites - three at Horseshoe Lake and one near the base of Chair 19 at the ski area.

The most likely sources of the CO2 are degassing of intruded magma and gas release from limestone-rich metasedimentary rocks that are heated by magmatic intrusions. The remarkable uniformity in chemical and isotopic composition of the CO2 and accompanying gases at different locations around Mammoth Mountain indicates that there may actually be a large reservoir of gas deep below the mountain from which gas escapes along faults to the surface.


Carbon dioxide has killed a large area of trees

Eskimo Woman Prophecies

An Eskimo woman born on November 5, 1877.

Alleged Predictions

- The date World War I would start
- The assassination of President John F. Kennedy two years before it happened
- The appearance of the Virgin Mary at Fatima
- The Challenger space shuttle disaster

Predictions in our timeline

"I saw the orca, my brother the killer whale, when he came to me in a dream. Comes the orca whale in winter, with the news of our Savior's coming. Cold the blue Pacific water, when the mammoth mountain blooms.

"The orca says when the Pacific waters are at their coldest, when the winter sun shines like water, a mountain that men call The Mammoth will explode and hurl smoke and flame miles into the sky. "The orca told me our Savior is coming very soon. "The mountains will bloom with fire, by and by, but very soon, before the winter snows melt and the orcas go back to the open sea.

"Then will come Our Savior, the Lord Jesus in all his glory, Trumpets will sound from horizon to horizon and the sky will be filled with the heavenly hosts and a great voice, as loud as any wind, will say: "Behold, for here is the Son Of Man, come to take possession of His kingdom., all these things will come to pass within the span of my life. For these things I know.

"These things will become known to everyone around the world before we see the last of winter and the spring sun shines.

"Russia will return to Communism and more than 20 million people will die in concentration camps as democracy is purged. Statues of Stalin will once again be raised all over the nation and the specter of nuclear war will again haunt the earth.

"The stock market will crash, losing 1,000 points in the biggest one-day drop in history.

"Israel will discover vast oil reserves near the Dead Sea, enough to supply the entire earth for 500 years, making that embattled nation one of the greatest economic powers on earth.

"A huge golden cross will appear at the pinnacle of the Great Pyramid at Giza in Egypt and remain there for seven days and seven nights. It will serve as a rallying point for the forces of good as the Battle of Armageddon begins.

"In the hours before Jesus returns to Earth, the whole world will smell of roses.

"The orca said the Lord will do this so men will know the time has come.
"Remember to test the air for the smell of the roses.
"That day is coming very soon."



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