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Alleged Seers In U.S. Continue A Tone Of Admonishment And Sometimes Alarm

For your discernment:

As the U.S. approaches another crossroads, with the results of a new election, there is the question of the nation's future, and as has been the case for many years now, no matter who wins, prophets in Catholic and other denominations see a purification.

This, they say, will be due to the rampant irreverence, materialism, and licentious behavior, along with reproductive atrocities such as embryo banks and abortion, evils that have grown in many ways under both political parties.

But the implication has always been that any politician who favors abortion in particular will cause such events to intensify. In this sense, the prophets have implicitly endorsed Republicans.

The prognostications come from those who report dreams, visions, apparitions, locutions, or simple "words of knowledge," and have gained currency since September 11 and recent hurricanes. How many are actual infusions from Heaven or simple formulations of the subconscious -- the opinions of the "seers" themselves (or even demonic infiltration) -- we leave for your discernment. At a time of deception, great caution is in order.

But the theme has been the same since the late 1980s, when a great flurry of seers rose on all sides, particularly in the U.S. -- which was quickly watching its transformation from a Christian to a secular nation. 

While many of the "messages" have been suspect, they capture a prophetic pulse of tumultuous times and God's displeasure.  Heeding the Bible's admonishment not to despise prophecy, but rather to take from it what is good (the Bible says in Corinthians that all prophecy is "imperfect"), we present a sample of the current scene, which indicates that the prophetic pulse, if less voluminous than in the 1990s, remains intense.

"A great darkness will come upon the earth in your time," writes a more obscure mystic to our mailbag. "My children have turned from Me. They seek their desires, they want their ways. They have made themselves god. They have turned their backs on the Creator of man. The wickedness of man has poisoned the earth, and I desire to clean it up. I am pouring out My mercy and grace on man, but My children will not receive it.  They desire to use their own inventions of sin and destruction instead of My inventions of life. They desire to take life, when I desire to give life and give it more abundantly."

"Little children, today I invite you as a family to renew family prayer in your homes and do not allow a day to go by without praying together," said a popular locutionist on September 8, 2004. "I love you, dear children and I beg you to take to heart this message. If Heaven’s messages are not heeded, the sufferings, pestilence, calamities and the wars will continue. Prayer can bring an end to many evils in the world. I beg you, dear children, to pray, pray, pray as a family. I love you, dear children, I love you. Thank you for listening to my message."

"Little children, today I ask you to look at the world around you, and to notice all of the pestilence, the calamities, the wars and all of the suffering in families throughout the world. Prayer, dear children, is the remedy that is needed for peace in the world. I invite you, as a family, to be messengers of God’s peace; but without praying together as a family, you cannot be messengers of God’s peace. Little children, prayer begins in the family. Without family prayer, there is no peace, there is no love, no forgiveness. Prayer is the language of love and of peace."

“Once again, your country has been spared by merit of My Divine Mercy—a certain and prolonged trial, all because of your President’s stand against partial birth abortion," claims a popular if highly controversial one that has had serious problems with a local bishop. "But I warn you, the Hand of Justice will certainly fall if unnatural marriages of the same gender continue to be condoned. Apathy strengthens this cause. Homosexuality is a sin and must not be encouraged by any legislature.”

“As elections take place in many countries the stage is being set for the official opening of ‘the end times,’" asserted yet another. "Candidates of any party will usher in all the signs spoken of in Scripture.  Each has his or her agenda yet they have the power to change the fate of all people and of the world. My evil adversary controls the minds of millions especially those in political office." 

Others focus on problems in the Church and predictably the death of John Paul II. There is concern about government control, especially a new world order. There are warnings of a bigger war yet to come.

The issue of war appears contradictory -- with some seers all but openly endorsing President Bush while at least one warned before the first Gulf War in 1993 that entering such a conflict would bring a period of enhanced evil to America -- that fighting Iraq was wrong. 

"All must join hands now and be true soldiers for Our Lord," notes one more locutionist. "Prayer must come from your hearts.  Prayer is truly more powerful if you get down on your knees.  Prayer is your protection, so please continue to gather in each group that I have formed.  If man continues to reject God, they will see fire and mass destruction."

Again, we urge caution. In history's most credible apparitions, the Blessed Mother admonished, but in a way that was not overly pessimistic or frightening.

One of the most strident "words of knowledge" has come from an alleged Christian prophet from India named Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj. In 2002 he delivered a message to a church in St. Louis that started with the words, "Don't you believe any of the false prophets who preached to you after 9/11 saying it was not a judgment of God. Two days before 9/11 happened, a dear friend of mine, a very saintly prophet of God, was taken up in the spirit to Heaven. And while he stood before the presence of the Almighty God, the Lord Jesus Christ called forth for a mighty, powerful angel. He came and stood before the Lord Jesus Christ. And a fiery torch was given to this angel. As soon as the angel held the torch, he became enflamed (engulfed) with fire from the crown of his head to the sole of his feet.

"And then, the command was given to the angel, GO FORTH! And cast this fire down upon the nations of the world. And the angel and this prophet came down, and they stood in the mid-heavens. And the angel told him, now see what happens. And the angel took the fiery torch in his hand and cast down fires in several parts of the earth. And when the fires were thrown, the angel told him, From now onward, there will be bombings, fires and destructions in many, many nations around the world. That (vision) was (given to this prophet) on the seventh of September (of 2001).

"An awesome judgment is going to come upon America very soon. An awesome judgment. When he spoke, I felt a fear, a Godly fear running through my bones and my spirit. This is not a judgment that would destroy the entire nation, but something quite similar to what happened with the twin towers. But, it can all be prevented, if rivers of intercession flow in the nation. This is the word that he told me to speak.

"You know, I have never seen a people like the Americans, who love their nation so much, and who are so patriotic about their great nation. That is good. When I traveled in your country, I used to see these huge, gigantic flags that fly so majestically in some parts of the country. I feel very proud, as if I myself was an American.

"The same American flag, I saw in the heavens. But instead of flying in the right direction, it was flying in the reverse direction. And the Lord Jesus Christ was standing at the flag and knocking on the flag. And as He was knocking, I saw the words, LAST CALL flashing. Last Call was flashing and flashing. Then the word of the Lord came unto me, 'This nation -- the flag that you see flying in the reverse direction is the heart of this nation that has turned away from righteousness, and is walking toward unrighteousness.

"'She has turned her back towards Me. Yet, I am still calling her.'

"Last call, last call, last call. And for the three months that I was in the U.S. during that period, every church and every conference that I went to, I was commanded to share this vision."


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