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Protestants Claim Visions, Prophetic Words Resembling Those Of Catholics

By Michael H. Brown

There are many Christian "denominations" -- by one count 34,000 that have identified themselves as Christian groups -- and often, of course, they're at odds with each other. This is especially true of "fundamentalist" Christians and Catholics.

But they share some intriguing aspects. The charismatic branches of both major groups heal in a way that is similar (whereby the person prayed over often falls gently to the floor, known as "resting" or being "slain" in the Spirit); both pray in "tongues"; and many Christians receive alleged prophecy in the way of "locutions" or "words of knowledge."

There are also similarities in the sense of our time, with many factions of conservative Christianity agreeing that something is up -- although Protestants often head off into the concept of a "rapture," in which God's people supposedly will be lifted from the earth before a tribulation, in a way that doesn't seem especially realistic, nor, in our opinion, well-grounded in Scripture.

We say this with all due respect, as Catholics who attempt to heed the Pope's call for dialogue between the denominations.

There are also visions, and one that has made the rounds in certain circles is from a woman named Susan Cummings, who more than a year ago asserted a vision of storms that seems especially relevant in the wake of hurricanes. It is also intriguingly similar to that foreseen by many Catholics. Is there any truth to it? Can Catholic and Protestant prophecy coincide?

"I am standing, facing two storms," said Cummings, whose prophecies are posted on an internet message board. "One is to the left of me and the other is to the right of me. They are in the forms of two great stormy whirlwinds. The one on the left is black and red. The one on the right is red and gold. Both are very powerful fiery whirlwinds with very fearful appearances. 

"I am standing facing them, and in the middle, between them is a ledge. It is a long narrow strip of passage that goes right between the two whirlwinds. I feel led to come closer.

 "The storms are both very close to this passage, and it is only wide enough for one person to travel through at a time. The two whirlwinds are both raging with very powerful winds and lightning and thunders. I can hardly hear anything but them as I come up to the passageway. The ground beneath my feet is shaking with the roaring of the storms and it is hard to keep coming closer, as I want to go back away from the storms. They are very fearful to behold.

 "But I determine in my heart that I will obey the Lord. So, I walk up to the narrow passageway, and the storms are now so close that I can almost touch them. Their roars are so loud, there is no other sound to be heard. The winds from them buffet me, and I have to steady myself to keep from being sucked into the storms.

 "I then feel this urgency to step onto the narrow strip between the two storms. I reach forward and place my feet upon the strip of ground, and step onto the passage. As I take another step, I am amazed as I can’t hear the storms on both sides of me anymore. They are right beside me, swirling, and raging, as I walk... but there is no sound. It is quiet in the passageway. There is no fear in here.

 "The Lord then speaks to me from the passageway... 'Daughter, you are seeing the storms that have now begun upon the lands. The red and black storm upon the left is the destroyer that has been loosed upon the wicked, the rebellious, and the unbelievers. The curse has been released upon all who have set themselves in opposition to Me and to My people. The land no longer will absorb the sins or the punishments but will release the fury and the justice from the blood that cries out from the ground.

 "'The red and gold storm upon the right is the reaping now come to fruition upon the disobedient, the selfish, and the unclean among My House. In My Mercy, I have cried out to My own to come to Me, and to cleanse themselves, but they would not. I held back My Judgment, so they could know My Embrace, but they rejected Me and found solace among men instead. The reaping from their deeds is now so great that unless I release it now, to bring them to me, it would quickly destroy them all.

 "'The path between the two storms that you are on is the way of suffering. Few have truly embraced Me in this. Few have been willing to be placed upon the altar of sacrifice and to be consumed by Me. Few have been willing to suffer for My Sake. Few have seen Me, or have desired to know My Heart. My Son learned obedience through suffering, and my children think that they can come to Me, or even know Me, without it. The Path of Life is the Path of Death.  Few have chosen to lay their lives down, and to deny themselves their pleasures and comforts, and to follow Me into the refining fires.

 "'Very Few will now know Me walking beside them in the storms...

 "'So few...

"'The raging winds are the reaping of the whirlwind by their rebellions against Me. The lightnings are the curses that will now come upon them and will not be removed, because they chose not to embrace the LIGHT OF MY TRUTH, they will now embrace the FALSE LIGHT and it will strike them with fear.

"'The thunderings are the WORD that has been spoken, which they rejected, and will now judge them.'”

As the Lord spoke these words to me, I looked down and saw that my feet were part of the path, and were no longer my own. But they had merged into the path. The path also began to flow forwards into the storms, down between the storms.

"The Lord then said, 'Your path is now Mine, and will no longer be separated from mine as you are in Me. I am your Peace and you will not fear. You will be brought through this season by Me and by My Power, and not in your own strength. I AM your Strength and your Salvation and to all who will follow Me.

"'The narrow path of suffering which you now stand upon is the WAY OF FAITH. It has always been your faith, which has brought you to Me, and it has always been in your faith, through which I moved in your life. It will be your faith, in which you will now stand and see My Salvation.

"'Throughout the ages of men, there has always been those few who have endured the cross, and seen Me work in their lives.  They have labored without seeing the promise.

"'They have dared to believe My Word, and have chosen to remain faithful to the end. These few will not be denied, nor will they be destroyed or harmed by the storms that now have begun.'”

Sept 2004


Matthew 7: 13, 14
Psalms 18
Hebrews 11:29


-Susan Cummings
9:40 pm

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