Trying to copy the grandeur of Heaven

Did you ever notice how much modern man tries to copy Heaven?

There are colors: Our artificial tones are increasingly splendiferous, like you hear about in descriptions of "the other side." Look at cinema. Look at the sets on TV. Look at expensive clothes. Look at the luminous hues on some of the new cars, especially luxury ones. (We create those colors, however, those hues, with chemicals.)

There is glass: This too comes out of a factory. It's like the crystal in Heaven -- the crystallized roads and structures. We even create crystals themselves, and we have our diamonds -- through which come marvelous colors (similar to, but a poor attempt at, the prism-colors that pervade paradise).

In Heaven, they say that as soon as you ask a question about something -- anything -- the answer comes to you. You get instant information. Does that bring to mind, for instance, Google?

The capability of "going" to or hearing from any place in the world is what the internet is all about. Instant access. With Google Earth, you can even hone in on Mongolia -- or Antarctica. Through technology we are striving to do what the spirit does when free of the physical body: traverse the boundaries of distance devoid of constraints. Suddenly, in the modern time, we're in touch right away with whomever we want to contact -- through texts and tweets, through Instagram, through Facebook -- just as in Heaven they say there is instant contact with whomever we'd like to speak to or hear from. We can call up whomever we want -- just as is described for eternity.

On the other side, there are splashes and displays of color in the sky just as we have increasingly marvelous fireworks -- laser-like illumination, as we have lasers.

The fantastic verdancy of Heaven -- the shrubs, the hedgerows, the trees, the ponds, the fountains -- we attempt, at the wealthiest of our homes, to imitate with landscaping.

In so many ways do we try with our money and technology to bring Heaven to earth -- or better  said, re-create it. Man as creator. Yet, no matter how much we strive for what is lustrous, we can't come close to equaling the beauty and the grandeur and the ineffability of Heaven. Our planet is like a photographic negative of it. It is not even as beautiful as upper parts (say mystics) of purgatory. At its best, it is a fleeting reflection of paradise; mostly, a shadow of Heaven (where actually there are no shadows, for everything emanates light; nor is there night: at the restful times there is a soft roseate gold; the lakes in Heaven, like molten seas, capture glory).

People who 'die" and come back say this all the time: that it's impossible to use human words to describe anything in it.

Perhaps it will be the case that when the world gets to a certain extreme of artificial "creation," that's when we will face what some call a "purification" (others might call it as a "simplification").

Earth is not paradise, and never will be; it is an exciting challenge and is often beautiful and it is okay to strive for real beauty but this planet is not our final destination.

[resources: An Unpublished Manuscript on Heaven (highly recommended) and What You Take To Heaven]

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