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Signs Of Times Multiply, Among Them  Aspects In Sky And Especially The Sun

Few doubt by now that the weather has been anomalous -- sometimes startlingly so. There has been a climate swerve, and for the moment it is in the pattern of warmth. What's causing that warmth is up for debate. Besides possible man-made effects, they may involve changes -- some not fully recognized -- in the sun.

Whatever the case, the star around which we revolve has been acting in a peculiar way and one can start out with the potent flares, high sunspot activity, and even an effect that astronomers described as a "solar tsunami" that have recently occurred.

"Scientists at the Shternberg Astronomy Institute of the Moscow State University have reported record-high emissions of electromagnetic energy on the sun, the biggest since the 1970s," reported one news service. "Over the past few days, the volume of sun radiation has exceeded the normal level a thousand-fold. The scientists call this phenomenon an anomaly and say that the sun is now in a stage when sunspots, sources of high electromagnetic radiation, are unusual." Outbursts on the sun like this have been extremely infrequent over the past thirty years, said a scientist from the institute.

Solar_Flare.jpgSo potent was one recent eruption that astronauts on the space shuttle took shelter and there was concern that satellites would be damaged.

Such radiation can also affect the weather. A similar warming -- and similar sunspot activity -- were recorded during temporal and spiritual disturbances in the High Middle Ages.

Is this why so many have seen the sun "pulse" at places of reported apparition (starting with Fatima)? Such emissions also cause the northern lights -- which served as the Great Sign of Fatima in the late 1930s -- a decade that also saw a leap in temperatures and prefaced a trying time for the world.

The current increase in warmth exceeds anything in many centuries and probably even what occurred during the Middle Ages, which saw bubonic plague. Some believe it is warmer than it has been in thousands of years, according to Tom Karl, who has served as director of the National Climatic Data Center. But scientists are not even quite sure what propels the solar orb -- let alone how its activities affect the earth. (It can influence temperature as well as cloud cover in hidden ways.) You've seen it on the news -- or in your own yard. Last weekend, cherry blossoms were beginning to bloom in Washington.

Then  there is that spiritual component. Many are those taking what they believe are special photos of the sun or seeing things that they have not witnessed before -- from "dots" in the center (seen both in person and on video) to colors, movements, and pulsations widely alleged as "solar miracles." (At right, photos taken, top, in Rome on Pentecost Sunday and under that at Our lady of Lourdes Shrine in Pana, Illinois. The beautiful photo on the left was taken in High Bridge, New Jersey, and sent by Diana Mathis of Kernersville, North Carolina, who says a similar sight was seen there also.) Such reports first became prevalent at the beginning of the current gyration in weather.

"I have been reading about people taking pictures of the sun with a dark spot in it," notes Todd Scheller, who sent the others. "I heard once that this happened in Medjugore and they magnified the photo to find that the dark spot turned out to be a picture of Our Lady giving Pope John Paul II a hug. Maybe everyone who gets a spot on the sun picture should have them magnified."

Whatever the case, reports of "signs in the sky" have been accompanying or preceding reports of solar storms as well as the climate change -- no longer deniable -- on earth.

We are in a climate swerve and there will be turbulence. Christ spoke of signs in the sky and yet somehow we cannot accept that such signs -- as the sun certainly seems to be a sign -- still occur.

"This past summer in the wee hours of the morning I saw something very unusual," wrote Carol Diel from the outskirts of New Haven, Missouri. "We live in the country, far from town surrounded by many oak trees. Waking at  two a.m. one morning on a very dark night, I decided to go onto our front porch to get some fresh air. Looking toward the north, which is the only clearing, I could clearly see an enormous perfectly round solid white ball, five times larger then the moon. This huge ball stood out because of the sky being so unusually dark. Normally the moon would light up the night sky but not that morning. The minute I looked that direction it dropped instantly straight down to the earth. If I would have blinked my eyes it wouldn't have been seen at all. I couldn't help but feel this was some kind of warning to come."

We could discount such reports if they were not so widespread. People are seeing unusual sights in the sky.

There are also the dreams. "I noted with interest your account posted recently by a woman named Theresa of a dream she had where she was seeing dark clouds and a brilliant light pushing them aside," wrote a woman named Patti from Michigan. "I had almost the identical dream two weeks ago. I was looking up at the sky (in my dream) and saw massive black, black, clouds that descended from heaven to the earth and they were being pushed aside by a brilliant white-yellow light that was coming. I donít know what this light means, either the 'illumination' or some other definitive move from God.  But, I felt no fear whatsoever, just kind of awe."

"I too had a dream I can not shake from this past spring," says a viewer named Karen from Plymouth, Massachusetts. "I was in a work situation and above I saw in the skylight a dark, blackness -- a storm -- then in a smooth motion the sky turned to bright blue very quickly and I remember thinking it is 9 p.m. at night and the sky should not be so bright....

"Then the sky was a bright white light and I fell to my knees and heard the Voice of God the Father. I repented and felt a time is coming when everyone's soul will be illuminated and shown its current destiny. I feel the time is very near and something big is going to happen."

We will take that into discernment. "I just looked out the door of my house and it was there," says Nancy Gibbons of photo right. "The evening sun made the clouds hot pink and the sky looked very blue." An angel -- or just wisps of cirrus?

"I just finished reading your article on Spirit Daily about signs," says Mark Masterson of Naples, Florida. "Recently I had a strange 'coincidence.' Four of my six kids go to a Catholic school here in town where they have an all school Mass on the first Friday of the month. 

"I attended and the Gospel that day was Luke 21:29-33. 'Jesus told his disciples a parable. "Consider the fig tree and all the other trees. When their buds burst open, you see for yourselves and know that summer is now near; in the same way, when you see these things happening, know that the Kingdom of God is near. Amen, I say to you, this generation will not pass away until all these things have taken place. Heaven and earth will pass away, but My words will not pass away."' 

Fig trees signify the protection of God.

"As soon as I heard these words, I remembered a dream I had the night before where my kids were pointing at a fig tree saying, 'look, a fig tree,'" says Mark. "I forgot about it as it made no sense to me until I heard the Gospel. Later that day, I stopped in to the Blessed Sacrament chapel and paid Jesus a visit. I opened my Bible at random, and my eyes fell first on Matthew 24, verse 32...'Learn the lesson from the fig tree. When its branch becomes tender and sprout leaves, you know that summer is near. In the same way, when you see all these things, know that He is near.'"

As for cherry blossoms?


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