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Is This Statue Weeping?  You Decide

This photo, taken of a Madonna at the Church of St. Anthony where some of St. Anthony of Padua's relics are kept in Portugal (there is another such basilica in Italy) looks like it's weeping even though the woman who shot it, Carol McMahon of Greer, South Carolina, says it didn't appear that way in person. Under the statue in the basement are the remains of the Martyr St. Justine. "I was sitting just in front of Our Lady's statue [which reminded me of Guadalupe] and decided to take a picture of it," she tells Spirit Daily. "I can assure you that there were no tears when I took the picture. No one else noticed any tears when they looked at the statue. If I had seen her crying that hard I would have been on my knees trying to say something to comfort her. It wasn't until I got home and had the pictures of the trip developed that I saw the tears! You can imagine how surprised I was! When you take a magnifying glass and really look at it you can see her swollen eyes, tears falling, and where the sword pierces her heart it appears that her dress is wet on that side. Also, her left eye seems to look human."

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