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Northern Lights, Strange Rumblings, And Healings: Are They 'Signs Of Times'?

Christ said to watch for the signs of the times, but now the questions: What qualifies as such a "sign" -- and what events are simple cycles of nature?

Tough questions, although we can note that the northern lights, the aurora borealis, are back.

The lights, caused by solar activity, come every year and in some locations like Canada many times a year, but we often ponder them because the "great sign" of Fatima was an unusual display of the aurora that announced the onset of World War Two (in the view of seer Lucia dos Santos) in 1938.

Interestingly, in the recent eruption, the lights were most prominently reported in Ohio right around the time of the election, although we received reports from across the nation -- the Midwest all the way to Maryland.

The last time we got such intense reports was several years back, around the time the U.S. attacked Afghanistan.

Is it related this time to Fallujah -- or a coming future military event we don't know about yet?

Others claim other kinds of "signs." Strange lights are constantly reported in the sky (often by reliable government sources) and there is the separate phenomenon of a strange rumbling or booming noise reported in a number of communities.

Seismic activity?

It has happened in many places. Take Indiana. "After about a month of silence, Fort Wayne's mysterious 'boom' has returned," noted television station WANE-TV on November 10. "'You can't describe it,' said Helene Lilly, who heard it almost ten times Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. 'You think you're in a war.'"

Such is interesting because one prophecy we have followed since 1990 foresaw intense regional events such as storms accompanied by a "strange loud rumbling" before the events intensified. Thus far the Fort Wayne police have no answers. "It's a rabbit we're still trying to chase down the hole right now," said one officer. "We don't know what the source is."

We'll leave it up to you whether there is any significance. We do know that healing is always a sign -- of God's love.

And we are getting tremendous reports of that kind of heavenly intercession.

Despite the rise of darkness, there is the Light of Christ and a time of special grace; rivers of light, in the words of one mystic.

That's our take on it. And perhaps nothing is more of a grace than healing -- whether spiritual or physical.

Here's an alleged physical one connected to the Church-approved apparition site of Betania in Venezuela:

"Dear Michael Brown, I have read most of your books and one of them, on Betania, persuaded me to go there in 1994," notes Maureen Bourque, a nurse in Edmonton, Ontario. "While I saw no apparitions, I witnessed a miracle after using the water from the shrine to wash out and clean the wide open gut of a patient in the intensive-care unit.

"This man's heart rate was of great concern to us all that evening as it was running over 200 beats per minute. While I was doing the dressing, the monitor nurse was watching me work, in addition to watching all the monitors. As I worked she watched me and she noted the exact time I irrigated the wound. She saw the man's heart rhythm drop immediately into normal range, to 72 beats per minute.

"And there were other unexplainable happenings to ill persons. One is a man who had lung cancer. The tumor had started in the right lung, and prior to surgery, the surgeon ordered an MRI on the chest. It showed the tumor to have invaded the lung, and wrapped itself around his heart and great vessels. He told the patient his prognosis was very grave, and that likely, he would open him up and take a look, but probably not do the surgery, because it had progressed too far.

"The man drank about 175 milliliters of the water from Betania the evening prior to the procedure. The surgeon was amazed at the changes in vitro, from the MRI. They are very accurate. He performed a lobectomy on the right lung and biopsied (extensively) on surprisingly normal myocardial tissue and vessels.

"To his surprise and delight he got all the tumorous tissue out and found much less then he expected. The man is still tumor-free and a believer -- which prior to that event, he was not."

[Now Maureen needs more of the water for a brother with melanoma. Anyone with any can contact her here.]



November 12, 2004

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