"Dear Spiritdaily,

Here are some pictures of our twin oak tree that fell over in that extreme wind we had on Oct. 15," writes a viewer named Karen Rausch. "I'm located in Orange County, New York. I was worried about the little shrine I have to Our Lady of Fatima because it was only a few feet from that tree, but Our Lady took care of her shrine. The tree split in half as it fell.  It pushed over several other large trees with it and ripped off huge limbs from other trees as well.  The shrine was never touched.  Not even a votive was tipped over!

"The tree landed at the other end of the front of our property near St. Michael's shrine. It never touched that, either. A few clumps of oak leaves landed on a couple of the azaleas around the shrine, but the branches ended right before them. Again, not even a votive light was knocked over."

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