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Apparition of Mary at Medjugorje? 

Apparition of Mary at Medjugorje?

This photograph was sent in by a woman who, along with others, claims to have seen a vision of Our Lady at the back altar in Medjugorje. She snapped two photographs. We post them here for your personal discernment.

Click here to see the other photo.

Notice how the image is behind the head of the woman in the foreground, which would seem to suggest that it is not due to an internal problem or lens fault with the camera. To get the full story, read the following note from the woman who snapped this photo:

Note from the photographer:

My name is Kathy. I'm a 41 year old nurse. It was Mon night, the eve of the Feast of the Assumption.

We had gone to rosary and evening mass in Croatian. We were starting to leave and walk around the outdoor altar.

My friend Rose turned to me and said "your not going to believe me but Our Lady just appeared to me" She was calm, I looked around. There were still thousands of people there. I saw nothing.

I asked her where she saw her & she pointed to the alter. Just then my mother, who didn't hear what she said, turned to me and said "Kathy there's the Blessed Mother."

When I looked on the altar she was there. She was all white and raidiating, glowing, & moving. She was standing with her arms at her side and smiled. I knew it was her. My camera was at my waist. I lifted it, & photographed her. She lifted her arm across her chest and held her other hand out.

We got down on our knees and prayed 3 Hail Marys. Then she disappeared. No one else around us was speaking English or seemed to notice. I thought it was beautiful that she was at the bench where all her priests had just been sitting.

We shared it with our group. My camara is digital, so the photos were right there, & they are still there. When I left for Medugorje, my friend asked me if I was planning on seeing the Blessed Mother. I told her no. I was going there so she could see me. I know she's there, I dont have to see her I was going in thanksgiving & because I felt called to go.

We had many wonderful things happen there, and since we came home. So I prayed a lot & realized if our Mother didn't want to be photographed she wouldn't have. No one just goes to Medugorje, Our Lady calls us there, to bring us to her Son.


Click here to see the other photo snapped by Kathy.

NOTE: To learn more about Our Lady's apparitions through our documentary videos, please click here.


Photographer: Kathy

Location: Medjugorje (back altar at St. James Church)

Date: 2006-08-14

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