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Did you ever wonder why so many people today have so many kinds of allergies (especially our kids)?

We wonder. We seem to count too many cases, and we'd like to see better explanations.

Years ago, it seems, no one was allergic to peanuts.

Peanut butter -- especially in sandwiches, with jelly -- was ubiquitous.

It was everywhere.

Surely, there were cases back then. No doubt, some of you heard of them, or even had such an allergy.

But it seemed nowhere nearly as prevalent. Now, schools prohibit anything with peanuts (for fear of harming children with the affliction), packages warn of contamination by peanuts (in other nut products that use machinery that also has been employed to shell peanuts), and some airlines have prohibited those little packages of peanuts they hand out, when they know someone allergic is aboard.

Did we miss something?

Were there a lot of kids back three and four and five decades ago with this same problem -- just that it was not widely reported?

Or is something else at work?

In addition to peanuts, there are suddenly a lot of folks who seem to have an allergy to gluten.

That's a protein in wheat, rye, and barley that shows up in bread and pasta but may also hide in other foods like cold cuts, salad dressings, beer, and even licorice -- as well as "altar bread" (Communion Hosts!).

Those who suffer from that allergy seem either to have a specific sensitivity to gluten or to suffer from Celiac disease -- an autoimmune disorder that prevents a person from tolerating this particular protein.

Folks have had celiac disease for a long time but now cases have either spiked or are just more recognized.

For everywhere you turn, folks seem to be sneezing, especially in dry parts of the U.S. A lot may be natural: a paucity of rain allows allergens like those associated with pollen, pine powder, and pet dander to waft freely through the air. (It also allows for more dust and thus dust mites).

Often, eating local honey builds up a tolerance and puts a damper on allergies. So does drinking spring water.

Allergies are associated with the immune system and therefore we must ask ourselves:

-- Are the synthetics in our foods -- those polysyllabic ingredients that crowd labels -- weakening our immune systems?

A weakened immune system can be responsible for everything from multiple sclerosis and lupus to cancer.

Celiac is an autoimmune disorder. Have compounds shocked our systems into over-reactions to other things?

-- Or: is there something being taken out of our food that causes us to be more vulnerable?

Nutrients have all but been bleached out of our heavily processed foods, and processed foods are also associated with gluten. Meanwhile, chemicals in cleaning products, cosmetics, perfumes, furniture, paint, detergent, and so forth can cause allergic reactions.

-- More provocatively: are there more allergies now that we are given (and especially, our children are given) so many vaccinations?

Swollen eyes, congestion, asthma, red eyes, skin rashes, cramping, diarrhea, even skin peeling.

Sometimes, it seems like everyone is afflicted. It can even be fatal. There are reports that peanut oil was quietly used as an additive stimulant -- an adjuvant -- in vaccinations for children, starting back in the 1980s.

Why do folks sneeze in the morning when the faucet is first turned on?

Is it something in the water?

Is it the chlorine (a compound known to provoke such reactions)?

There are certainly innumerable chemicals around us -- nothing God ever created -- and no one has any idea of their threshold effect nor of synergism (what happens when they interact; there is very little research into this).

Plastics. Lawn chemicals. Bathroom cleansers. So we must turn to God. He knows what affects us, and we call out to Him knowing that He will guide us from distress -- if there is a safe haven.

"There has been a rise in the incidences of peanut allergies in many Westernized countries," notes one watchdog. "According to a 2003 report, the prevalence of reported peanut allergies in children under 18 years old increased from 0.4 percent in 1997 to 0.8 percent in 2002. 

"Over the past decade, there has been a parallel increase in both the number of required immunizations and the rate of immunization compliance.

"According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) records, the recommended childhood vaccination schedule for January-June 1996 included 15 immunizations for children under the age of two years. The recommended vaccination schedule for 2006 represented an almost 50 percent increase in the number of immunizations, with 22 immunizations for children under the age of 2 years, not including annual influenza vaccines."

If vaccines are involved -- at least to some degree -- one might ask: what about the Amish people, who largely reject modern lifestyles, technology, and often medicine? The writer of the above-mentioned report traveled to Lancaster, Pennsylvania (an Amish stronghold) in search of anecdotal information about Amish children with peanut allergies.

"Amish religious doctrine does not prohibit vaccination; however, it does not encourage it either," he noted. "The Old-Order Amish practice separation from the world through group solidarity, caring for their own, and avoiding any form of dependence on government assistance. Health is considered primarily a gift from God, rather than the result of preventive medicine."

"There are approximately 2,000 Old-Order Amish families living in the Lancaster area. A nationwide survey published in the 2003 Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology indicates that three percent of families in the United States have one or more people with a nut allergy. Based on this statistic, I should have found as many as sixty children with nut allergies in the Lancaster area.

"I found evidence of only one child with a peanut allergy, at a clinic run by Dr. Holmes Morton in Strasburg."

In one survey of schools that have both immunized and non-immunized, every single one with an allergy had been immunized. At the same time, we must realize that diseases among the non-immunized may greatly outweigh the benefits of avoiding them. For example, without vaccines, many more would be born with rubella-caused birth deformities (not to mention the risks incurred of communicable illness).

The side affects do not necessarily outweigh the effects of the disease themselves.

But let us ask:

Are we overusing vaccinations? And isn't it horrid that some vaccines are derived from aborted fetal cells?

What about all the chemicals? (And perhaps, all the electromagnetism?)

In Canada alone, at least 600,000 suffer from what could be life-threatening allergies.

It has been known since Charles Robert Richet won the Nobel Prize for medicine in 1917 that alien proteins (such as those injected into our blood in vaccinations) cause the side effect of hypersensitivity. And so asks writer Rita Hoffman:

"Has medicine, which has used vaccinations containing 'alien proteins' as its cornerstone to control infectious diseases, been on the wrong track by injecting heterogenous substances [originating in an outside source; especially: derived from another species] into human beings to 'control' disease? What would be the general state of health today if 200 years ago medicine had taken the path of discovering the keys to promoting a strong, unadulterated immune system in conjunction with increased nutrition, vitamin and mineral supplementation along with better sanitation? Has medicine produced false protection by injecting alien proteins via vaccination which, as Richet pointed out in his lecture, can render us hypersensitive instead of being protected?"

And let us ask:

Are the Amish onto something that we are not (or that we have forgotten)?

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[Note: We advise shutting off 'Wifi' routers at night to minimize electromagnetism, using cell phones sparingly (and with the speaker on, when possible), natural alternatives to lawn chemicals, as much in the way of organic food as is feasible, non-toxic cosmetics (if cosmetics must be used), limited exposures at beauty salons, avoidance of synthetic sweeteners, milk, eggs, and meat that have no hormones and anti-biotics, and certainly avoidance of vaccines that are derived from fetal cell lines. Let us add that in addition to awesome spiritual benefits, fasting purifies the body, especially when the fast includes good spring water.]

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