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From the archives:


Years ago we discussed the experience of an atheistic college professor in the Midwest who suddenly "died" from a ruptured internal organ (the duodenum).

Before he was brought back during emergency surgery, the professor asserted that he experienced a trip toward the netherworld -- a foggy passage in which he was attacked by demons -- until he was rescued by Jesus, Who then put this man (who in his desperation had called out to God) in the presence of several angels.

These angels, claimed the professor, Dr. Howard Storm, showed him not only his life and what he had done wrong but also discussed the world and the United States -- explaining, he asserted, that in the next one or two centuries (this was said in 1985), the United States would be broken down into a "third-world nation."

The exact words: "If the United States continues to exploit the rest of the world by greedily consuming the world's resources [and exporting violence], the United States will have its blessing withdrawn. Your country will collapse economically which will result in civil chaos. Because of the greedy nature of the people, you will have people killing people for a cup of gasoline. There must be a turning to God or the reign of the United States will end."

Such seems like a harsh judgment and yet in the years since we have seen situations after hurricanes in which violence indeed erupted at gas stations due to shortages. The prognostication also resonated, in some part, with the "1990 prophecy" we have posted, which foresaw that "soon the world will not be the world you know. I am not speaking of a barren world, or one depopulated, but of the end of your technological era. Many inventions of mankind will be broken down and there will be more of a peasant attitude and way of life everywhere."

A follow-up prophecy in 2004 tagged a future demise not only to sins like abortion but genetic manipulation and destruction of the environment (all themes expounded upon by the Vatican).

We are always cautious with prophecies, and the near-death experiences often have their own question marks, for certain. But the question hangs there, especially in recent months: Are we see the glimmering of an era's end in the West?

That can be offered only for your discernment (prophecy must be tested, and is often compromised), but almost chilling was a headline last week. "NYC Mayor: U.S. Resembling A 'Third-World Country.'"

It was Mayor Michael Bloomberg complaining about the course of economic policies.

Meanwhile, another billionaire, Barton Biggs, gave a major speech in which he urged people to invest in farmland for the coming times. "Biggs has some offbeat advice for the rich: Insure yourself against war and disaster by buying a remote farm or ranch and stocking it with 'seed, fertilizer, canned food, wine, medicine, clothes, etc,'" reported a news agency ironically owned by Mayor Bloomberg.

"Biggs is no paranoid survivalist. He was chief global strategist at Morgan Stanley before leaving in 2003 to form hedge fund Traxis Partners. He doesn't lock and load until the last page of this smart look at how World War II warped share prices, gutted wealth and remains a warning to investors. His message: Listen to markets, learn from history, and prepare for the worst."

Others see the sub-prime mortgage crisis spreading to unsecured loans such as those associated with cars, education, and credit cards. They warn that the U.S. is prime for an historic financial "meltdown." No one even fully understands the economy.

In all probability the economy will not be the linchpin of future events. It will be a casualty. But it will play a role.

At the same moment, we note the rise of random violence (such as at our schools); the phenomenon of home invasions; and general malaise. Will there be economic strife? Might there one day be roving gangs marauding for resources?

These are matters for prayer as we hold confidence that God will tend to us at the same time that we prepare (whatever "prepare" means to each of us after we have prayed). The key word in all aspects of life including politics is turbulence.

"I need your help  and prayers," wrote one viewer, Ginger Supeck, recently. "My town, Lorain, Ohio, is full of drugs and violence. And all kinds of other sin. We used to be a big, Catholic town. It is not only sad, but very dangerous to live here. On my street alone, three places have been held up. I have sirens going my street so many times a day. Last night, a guy was pistol-whipped as he waited outside a bar for his friends. The drug wars are causing innocent people to be shot in there homes. Robberies of the elderly are an every day occurrence. Drive-by shootings occur every weekend, sometime right in front of my house. It doesn't end and is getting so much worse.

Ginger continued: "I blessed our property by pouring blessed salt around it. I blessed my neighbor's too. So far, people have walked through our yards, tried to take Eddie's cap from his truck, but they were not successful. I say the 'Prayer of Taking Authority' and other spiritual warfare prayers."

The manifestations are felt even in Adoration chapels. We have reports of those who have been threatened, and there is an upsurge in church vandalism. Boldly, at one church in the Philadelphia area satanists announced themselves to the pastor of a vandalized parish.

"You have several articles about church vandalism recently," wrote Terry Fuentes. "I wanted to tell you about Our Lady Queen of Peace in New Port Richey Florida.  Last Sunday my husband and I went to the 9 o'clock Mass. We park on the north side of the building and enter through the north double door. The natural brown wooden doors are carved with lovely holy images. The holy mother on the left side and Cross on the right.

"Well we were shocked to see a cream-colored paint heavily splattered all over Our Lady's image, and  splattered over to the right door. There was sand all over the sidewalk and on the carpet. At Mass, our pastor spoke about the vandalism. Evidently several doors had paint cans flung at them and sand was put down by ushers to prevent people stepping on the paint that spilled on the entrance walk. I was disgusted by the thought that there are such sick hateful people out there that would do such a thing and couldn't stop thinking: why?"


Such manifestations let us know that in some way -- in many ways -- it is the eleventh hour. To deny such is to welcome it.

Is it too late?

It is never too late.

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[Notes another viewer:

The message impressed upon my soul, over the past several years, is to store up an increase in faith, and to prepare to sacrifice for the sakes of the children.  The Holy Spirit has turned our hearts away from the society which has turned its back on God.
Children can't plan ahead, and it is up to us to do it for them. First we must lead them back to the foot of the Cross. We do this by our example. As we are doing this, we also prepare the means of their survival, in terms of basic sustenance [while not panicking, running for the hills, or becoming paranoid]. Our own physical survival is and must remain secondary. They need the chance to live their lives, to marry and have children, and to have reason to hope.
Water filters and powdered milk are basic and inexpensive, and we should all have them stored. Who would refuse any child a glass of milk if it were in our means to provide it? Prepare now, to be able to do that, when [and if] the time comes. Bread, so important in our physical and spiritual lives, is easy to prepare, if we have basic ingredients available. First aid kits should be in every home. Salt and sugar can help to prevent malnutrition. We can do so much for so little if we plan ahead.
Blessed salt and Holy Water are free, and should be used frequently in every home. Use them to create the spiritual sanctuary that a home should be, especially in these times. Pray the Holy Rosary every day. Pray it silently at work, pray it in transit, and especially at home. Forgive every person of every trespass, and keep moving into the Light of God.
Yes, there will be changes in our lives which will be intended to instill fear and confusion. That is the plan of the adversary. We can thwart that plan with increases in faith, and some basic preparation. We can be sources of light in the dark days ahead. The Holy Spirit will guide us, if only we will follow [Him]."

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