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Woman In Wheelchair Reports On Statue 'Miracle' And Climbs Mount Without Cane

 By Michael H. Brown

We've been carrying stories on what appear to be supernatural manifestations in a large bronze statue of the Crucified Christ at Medjugorje in Bosnia-Hercegovina, where the Blessed Mother has been appearing since 1981. If true, the recent manifestation is the most significant in years. For nearly two years now, observers have been claiming that strange droplets form out of the metal and fall from what looks like a knee wound. The phenomenon first came to wide note last summer and experts have been baffled. We reported last week how a group of Canadian pilgrims recently encountered not just the oily water-like droplets, but a fluid that turned red. This allegedly started May 4 with a woman named Erinn Elizabeth Moss of Nova Scotia who had been in pain for many years due to a congenitally dislocated hip and necessitated the use of a cane or even a wheelchair.

"We had all been rubbing our cloths or Kleenex on the statue," Mrs. Moss tells Spirit Daily. "I had done that as well. I had a blue scarf from the tour group and two drops appeared. One evaporated as soon as I touched it and the other began to turn red in front of our eyes with a few droplets below it. It was amazing. It was like a splash mark nearly the size of a dime. We showed the Franciscans [including Father Svet Kraljevic, who oversees English-speaking pilgrims] and they said it was an amazing gift. He said it was like the blood and water at the Crucifixion."

Erinn adds that during the same trip she was inexplicably able to climb the holy mountain, Mount Krizevac.

"There was no way I thought I could climb Cross Mountain," she said. "I went there and all of a sudden my hip shifted twice and I was able to go up as fast as anyone. I went up with a cane and I didn't need it. For 24 years I had pain and it stopped."

Her mother added that she had trouble even walking the driveway.

Erinn said that the flow of drops from the corpus seemed to change as the petition brought before it -- the person who was being prayed for -- changed, with the flow suddenly greatly increasing in certain cases. She also said a "blue aura" was seen around the statue. 

Meanwhile, in other Medjugorje news: seers Vicka Mijatovic (married last January) and Marija Lunetti are both pregnant.

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