From the mailbag (unedited): Two letters: one on a Slavko miracle, another on crosses in the sky



I read your article on Fr. Slavko and the possible healings from his intercession and thought I would share my little miracle. My life and faith have been very much influenced by the Franciscans. My son is currently in a resident volunteer program with the Franciscan Friars at Marytown in Libertyville IL. Both my children and myself have St. Francis as our patron.

Anyway a few weeks ago I lost my diamond wedding ring after 22 years... I was heartsick... the ring is insured but it is the sentimental value that is important to me not the monetary loss. Well I looked everywhere with no success... then I read the Blessed Mother's message for November, that said Fr. Slavko was in heaven waiting to intercede for us... So I asked his intercession to help me find my ring. Imagine my surprise when later that day I opened the pantry door in my kitchen and there was my ring sitting right in the middle of the top shelf!!! I have opened that cabinet door dozens of times since I lost my ring... and now suddenly there it was! Praise God and thanks to Fr. Slavko!

In Jesus' and Mary's hearts,

Susan Killian, Wauconda IL


Dear Michael Brown, Thank you for your wonderful website. I am addicted
to it and have passed it on to many. Today I see you have a picture of
Our Lady in the clouds from Medjugorje. I must tell you that I believe
these signs are all over now as we come so close to The Triumph. I would
like to share something with you and only you as I do not tell many. I
am the mother of 4 children one of whom is dying from a horrible rare
disease called Hunters Syndrome. We as a family suffer greatly as we
watch this child suffer and deal with some really difficult situations.
It was about 3.5 yrs ago 2 weeks before Easter Sunday on a Thursday
afternoon that I too saw a spectacular vision in the sky. I had just
picked up my daughter from her Catholic school and was on my way home to
meet my handicapped sons bus. It was exactly 3pm as I turned the corner
and looked up to see 3 crosses in the sky made out of clouds. Believe
me, these were not normal cloud formations, they were perfect crosses,
one large in the middle and 2 small ones, one on either side of the
large one. The sky did not have another cloud in it and it was blue. I
thought it was the end of the world so I began to flag down the next car
I saw. It turned out to be a women I know. She in turn was flabbergasted.
As we all stared up at the roses, a dark figure appeared on the large
cross in the middle. It was as if an artist painted a picture. The figure
was Christ so perfectly drawn that we could see His knees bent and His
crown of thorns. He was perfectly there in the sky. It disappeared
after 15 minutes. What does it mean when God gives you a gift like this.
Am I supposed to share it with others. A priest told me not to as it was
for me alone. It has given me great strength as I continue to watch my
son suffering so. Please believe me, I am not a loony, I am a simple
minded person with great devotion to Our Lady and Jesus awaiting a
miracle for my son. Have any other people told you that they have seen
the same or similar things in the sky? Thanks again for your efforts to
promote our great religion. Rosemarie Veliz

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