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We thought we would share these two dreams sent in by a viewer overseas (UK), for your discernment. We're going to keep them anonymous:

Dream on the night of May 13th 2011 Pope John Paul’s spiritual fatherhood 

During the night of May 13th I dreamed that I was suddenly snatched at my waist by a demon . It was very strong and horrendous looking. It was dragging me down very quickly and the horror I experienced at that time as I tried to scream out for help was as if I was being dragged into hell, suddenly and against my wishes.

All of a sudden a man appeared in front of me, almost on my lap. He was in his sixties with a long nose I had never seen him before.

Another demon had him and was dragging him down too. He was dying it appeared and lying down he had no strength to fight.

At that moment I remembered that the demons couldn’t stand the Name of Jesus so I tried to shout it out but in my utter terror not even a whisper could come out.

Then I looked up for help.  

Suddenly just above me and the man was an altar I realized and a priest was saying Mass. He was almost at the point of Consecration.

 I stretched my hands up to the priest to call out but no sound came.

Then I looked at the dying man and the demons (all the while dragging me and the man further away).

I looked up at the Altar again and there, next to the priest, I noticed Pope John Paul II.

He was slightly to the side of the priest.

So much light and peace was coming off him. He was smiling at me, it felt like he loved me a lot and was a great spiritual father.

He was wearing beautiful red vestments (and I felt he was a martyr -- the next day I remembered it was the anniversary of his shooting on 13th May) and that he was in a lot of glory.

Then, as Pope John Paul smiled at me an amazing wave of peace and strength came through me and I had the idea to cry out to the Precious Blood offered in the Mass on the altar above.

Just then I heard myself calling out from under the Altar “May the Blood of Jesus fall upon us” just at that moment the priest lifted the Chalice in Consecration. I heard the demon scream and he let go of me (what a relief) and the other demon just flew away off the other man.

There was such peace and I woke up.

The terror I experienced during those minutes I feel was one of the worst terrors imaginable worse than anything I could have ever imagined.

The next day I switched on EWTN for  a few minutes and the Vatican Exorcist was on there giving an interview (first time I had seen an interview from him on EWTN)

He was saying that he had started to use the name of Pope John Paul II in exorcisms against the demons as they are terrified of him (because he snatched so many of the young out of their hands whilst he was on earth)

I share this dream to show the intercession and glory of Pope John Paul II in Heaven and how powerful the words “Precious Blood of Jesus fall upon us” are for dying souls and to drive demons away as well as the divine mercy chaplet which makes the demons scream.

Dream on the night of May 15th 2011-The Sacred Heart

During the night of May 15th I dreamed that my sister and I were in a field and overhead was a dark and ominous cloud as if it was a storm cloud brewing and even following us. We were trying to cross a muddy field with a dirty trickle of water.

There was burnt-out wilderness all around us on either side. We were looking for shelter and safety but it was a total wasteland and reminded me of the pictures of Hiroshima after the bomb, with burnt-out trees around and nothing else. It looked like a nuclear-winter wasteground really.

Then I heard public tannoys calling out, get ready, find shelter the tornado is about to hit. Run, find shelter but there was no where to run to I thought and where was everyone else?

My sister and I started running over the muddy and burnt-out field and we came across a fence just waist high which hadn’t been destroyed, it looked like the only thing to hold onto. I kept saying to my sister, “If only we’d listened to the warnings. We were given so many warnings why didn’t we prepare in time?” The fact we had no food or water stored was worrying me.

The tornado was starting to blow heavily and I told Marie to hold onto the fence with all her might, to hold tight as it was only thing around.

Then as I grasped onto the fence I saw in the distance over the fence three men walking towards us.

The two "men" on either side were identical and very beautiful. I have seen them on occasions before in certain dreams. I felt the two men had gone to fetch the man in the middle and bring him to us as we were in real need and in dire straits.

All three men were smiling at us and as they came nearer I realized the two men on either side were two angels I had seen before. However, I was captivated by the smiling man in the middle.

Suddenly the tornado didn’t seem that much of a big deal.

The smiling man looked just like the Divine Mercy but more beautiful and radiant with light and He had a long robe on that was open at the chest. I saw beautiful flames coming out and He had a burning furnace in his chest. It was like a living walking picture of the Sacred Heart, even better than that. His beauty was breath taking and I felt such a love for Him in my heart.

I realized it was the Lord very quickly to my huge relief and his Heart was on fire and words can’t describe his peace and beauty and the peace of the flames coming out of him.

The Lord walked right up to the other side of the fence opposite me and looked deep into my eyes with such love and acceptance (more than I had ever known on earth from anyone) and spoke to me without moving His lips. I too could speak to Him without moving my lips.

He was smiling and then He held out both His Hands to me over the fence.

I hesitated to take hold of his hands as he looked so pure and holy and I was aware of being a mere creature in his presence, he was so majestic and awesome. Then he smiled and told me that as I received Him in Holy Communion (on the tongue) then it was no different and that I could touch Him. However He said it pleased Him that I asked permission to touch Him and he would like me to do this silently before I received Him in the Host in future if I wished to do so but I felt perfectly free not to do so as well. He was looking at me with such love and peace all the time I totally forgot everything else around me and all my troubles and worries.

Then I let go of the fence and put both my hands in His and His skin was the softest I have ever felt like a thousand feathers, and I felt His power and peace at the same time go through me.

The Lord told me of some personal spiritual things in a very gentle and loving manner. He was very delicate towards me.

Then He smiled again and I thought I would die of happiness but then I suddenly remembered the tornado and my sister.

Jesus explained that as we had been speaking the tornado had been raging and we were right in the eye of the storm. I hadn’t noticed it because I was holding onto Him and gazing into His eyes I had forgotten everything else around me but now I was worried about my sister.   

As if the Lord could read my thoughts He told me to look round over my shoulder.

At that, I looked to my right and sure enough my sister was there holding on for dear life not to the fence but to my clothes. Her feet were off the ground in the wind and mine were as well.

Holding onto Jesus’ Hands meant we were still there and not blown away! I was relieved.

I turned back to the Lord and thanked Him for keeping us safe in the eye of the storm. Then the Lord said turn around again and look closer.

I turned round again and looked and I can hardly describe it.

The wind of the tornado (spiritual or physical or both I am unsure) was so bad that I saw a line of people I couldn’t count holding onto each other for dear life behind me.

The wind was so bad not one person had their feet on the ground.

If they weren’t holding on to each other they would have been swept away.  

Then I turned to the Lord and said "thank you so much for holding both my hands so tight."

Jesus said “Hold on tight because if you let go these others will be swept away too but with me you are safe even in the very eye of the storm” 

The message was clearly hold on tight and don’t let go that other souls depend on our faithfulness too!

Also I felt Jesus was showing me the responsibility to hold on tight and to pray that others will have the grace to hold onto each other in the storm and not let go or they would get swept away with us.

The strength of Jesus to hold us all was amazing I thought and He was so loving and peaceful at the same time.

It’s hard to put into words how wonderful He was and the peace and the flames coming out of His heart and how responsible I realized we all are for each other.

Maybe the tornado was spiritual, physical or both. It was very destructive though and there was waste ground and wilderness elsewhere.

I was especially grateful to the angels for bringing the Lord to my sister and me in our need.

I pray to the angels every day and maybe this was their way of saying ‘we’re listening’ and that they are helping us all the time! ------------------------------------

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