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From the mailbag: Witnesses Claim Image in Vermont Window

The photos to the left and right are of a window of a senior center next to St. Stephen's Church in Winooski, Vermont. The pastor of this church retired in June and there is a priest temporarily filling in at this time. Since there are two churches in this small town the buzz is that it will be closed. Last week ( August 4-5) two "Knights" were painting the outside of the Senior Center and when they finished they scrubbed this window. The next day the Image of Our Lady was there. (When you are on the inside looking out the image is of Jesus). The man in the photo is Bill Peters, a very Marian Catholic and former state legislator who owns a fast-food business and had a major conversion in Clearwater, Florida, and then Medjugorje. He is known as the "General in the Blessed Mother's army" or the "Miraculous Medal man." He has given out over 20,000 medals to date. He asserts that he saw an apparition of Mary in Bosnia-Hercegovina.

As for the Vermont image: "It showed up last Wednesday, a narrow window," Peters told Spirit Daily. "What happened was that a man was doing an estimate on a paving job and noticed the image." He said there is nothing inside resembling it and no way that it is painted.

Aug 2004

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