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Bishop Vernon Fougere of Prince Edward Island has informed Spirit Daily that at least at this point he will not support construction of a special shrine as allegedly requested by the Virgin Mary in a vision to a missionary priest from Tignish named Melvin Doucette [see previous story].  

Father Doucette, on leave from Africa, asserts that he has seen Mary three times since last December and that "the thing she says is that she wants a shrine built on Prince Edward Island -- somewhere in the center of the island -- and she has called the people of the island to come to the shrine for many graces she will give them. There will be many miracles, especially conversions. Many will return to the Church."

The bishop, however, is skeptical about the request for a shrine. "I have a problem with that because the last thing I need here is another church," he told us. "We have too many churches. This is very much a rural diocese and we have 54 churches presently on this small island and the last thing we need is another church. I have great devotion to Mary and say the Rosary daily and I believe Marian devotion is a great thing, but I guess I'm a bit skeptical when what Mary supposedly says to some of these people doesn't make any common sense. I see Mary as a very common-sense person."

Father Doucette is also said to suffer the full passion of Christ "from the Agony in the Garden right through to His death on the cross and the Resurrection" since a 1990 visit to Israel. Despite the at least initial skepticism of the bishop, those around Father Doucette are hoping for a special shrine to ward off evil.

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