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Elections come and elections go. Major prophetic events do not hinge on them, any longer. There are deeper, underlying reasons why we will see major change. This we hear now not just from alleged seers and locutionists but from those who claim they have traversed beyond the boundaries of death and come back not only with tantalizing descriptions of the other side but prophetic insights -- predictions that we are approaching a transformation of the earth.

One example, cited in a book called The Ripple Effect, involved a hunter who fell eighty feet from a tree perch and says that after going through a dark passage streaked with colors and then encountering a massive set of stairs and a landscape with buildings that looked like glass he heard a voice telling him he had to return to earth. An angel? The Lord?

"When I call, you will come again," he claims he was told. "You will recover from all that has happened if you decide to do these things. Look and see what lies ahead." Related this reputed witness, "I turned and saw the earth in turmoil! Wars and death, terrible sights. Cities fell and new ones were built! I saw the United States and a volcano exploding covering many cities in darkness! I looked on and saw the collapse of our government as we know it. People killing for food and water, horrible sights. I saw what seemed to be a giant explosion in the earth's atmosphere and much land was destroyed. I looked on and saw a new type of people, younger and of a peaceful nature. The cities were few that were left, but these people seemed to be content."

That would be easier to dismiss if it were not so similar to the prophecies of other near-death experiencers, including the well-known case of an Ohio man named Howard Storm whose "life-death" experience turned him from an atheistic college art professor into a Protestant minister who now works in third-world countries building churches (including Catholic ones). Reverend Storm says during his episode angels showed him visual images of a future in which the U.S. was reduced to a third-world country due to natural disasters and economic distress, with civil chaos and people killing each other "over a cup of gasoline" -- bringing to mind the hunter's prophecy cited above.

Such dramatic (and some would argue, excessively apocalyptic) scenarios must of course be considered with the utmost of discretion, not only because of the drastic scenarios set forth, but because the beliefs of those who have near-death experiences often veer toward the New Age. Are these claims corrective and preparatory -- or the type of fear purveyed by a deceptive spirit?

In most cases, it is clear that those who pray and follow the Lord will find their way to safe harbor, physically and/or spiritually.

The most famous and at times controversial case of a near-death experience was that of Betty Eadie, a Washington State woman and mother of eight who "died" in 1973 and usually accents the positive. However, she has also written that "we live in troubling times. Evil seems to be reaching new depth and broader acceptance in the lives of many.

"If we do not return to the truth of God, seasons will continue to be altered, earthquakes will split the earth, floods will rage, disaster will follow disaster, and all this will be a direct result of our collective disregard for universal laws," she says. "As dire and unavoidable as this sounds, we must not become fatalistic. We have the power to reverse this process. As I came back from death, I was shown many catastrophes that await the earth if mankind collectively continues to break universal laws. These catastrophes are not for our punishment; they come as natural results of our choices. We determine our own destiny and will face the evil or good that we create. I was told that denying our Creator, Who is God Himself, would be the foremost cause of these consequences. So I was given to know that calamities need never occur if we will bring ourselves into harmony with God and the universe.

"But truth is also expanding in the world, surging with new light and new ideas and generating exciting opportunities and challenges. For many this is a frightening time as old orders change and new values seep in. Time is speeding up."

While Eadie has been criticized for a Mormon, even pagan spin on her events (she was born into a Native American setting and raised later with the beliefs of the Church of the Latter Day Saints, along with Catholic training as a youngster), her most recent work has indicated a turn away from errant beliefs such as reincarnation and back toward conventional Christianity (she even writes about the Blessed Sacrament). Her alleged prophecies strikingly parallel those of Catholics who, like Eadie, have felt time "speeding up." Her view that angels are orchestrating this transformation brings to mind prophecies such as the "1990 prophecy" [see Tower of Light].

"Our world stands on the brink of a spiritual renaissance, a revival of spirituality that will sweep the earth and change it in significant ways," she writes. "The world will suffer greatly through this process of rebirth, but its outcome is sure -- not just because God has ordained it, but because millions of good people will exercise their free will to embrace this gift from Heaven. We can and will see our world cleansed of all evil and blanketed with a greater glory, even the glory and love of God. But we must each believe and act in that belief. 'For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life' (John 3:16)."

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[Noted one skeptical liberal news blog today: "One reason the Republicans won on Tuesday is because many of their supporters have already given up on this world and are waiting for the next. I know, I used to be one of them. Jerry Jenkins and Tim LaHaye's Left Behind series of sixteen novels (so far) represents everything that is most deranged about religion. It also is a reason and symptom of the hysteria that grips so many 'conservatives' in the Republican Party. Frankly: to borrow from Jon Stewart they do believe that these are the 'End Times' not just 'hard times.']

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