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John Paul II, Benedict XVI, and Pope Francis have all spoken loudly about the urgent need to protect nature. Pope Benedict XVI was known as the "green Pope," and the current Pontiff is set to issue an encyclical devoted to the environment. A shame it is, that such things (protecting God's Creation) have become hot political potatoes. There are urgent needs. For example: the oceans are reaching a crisis point.

What might Heaven feel about such matters?

If mystics can be believed, there are strong words. It's a matter of pertinence, it seems, to the Blessed Mother, who at Medjugorje in former Yugoslavia was quoted as saying, "Satan is strong and wishes not only to destroy human life but also nature and the planet on which you live" (January 25, 1991).

Strong words indeed.

Commented a second seer (Vicka Ivankovic-Mijitavo): "Satan is actively trying to destroy this planet, the environment, and even nature. These actions of Satan bring great suffering and hardship. Only through prayer and fasting can he be stopped."

Other, lesser-known alleged mystics have said the same, most recently one named Luz de Maria Vidente of Costa Rica who (for discernment only) claims visits by both the Blessed Mother and the Lord and has a message from 2010 that says, "Man's fight against man for power will astonish the world. Terrorism's crudeness will let itself be felt; immorality, degeneration form parts of the acts that intensify the nausea of the earth that will continue to cleanse itself, and in this act, man will suffer nature's inclemency through all the globe."

Added this seer, who now lives in Argentina, "I see great cataclysms, the earth sad, vomiting through volcanoes, earthquakes, and plagues, some of them caused by man himself in laboratories. The Lord leads me to see how all the scientific advancements will be exterminated, because of man, by a great war throughout the whole world; they will also be destroyed by nature itself."

Said the Blessed Mother at LaSalette in France, "Nature is asking for vengeance because of man..." (referring to various sins). "The seasons will be altered, the earth will produce nothing but bad fruit..."

We see this everywhere: there is the shift of climate; for three decades, scientists have been warning that extreme weather would intensify, as it has. We believe there will be gyrations not only involving warmth but also cold. Meanwhile, due to warmth, there are massive amounts of water in the atmosphere -- provoking both rain in temperate zones and abnormal snowfall in areas where temperatures dip below freezing. It is a part of "chastisement" -- and if messages can be believed, spiritual warfare.

In 2004, just before the Asian tsunami hit, an addendum to the 1990 prophecy that we often quote (and still discern) added: "If not for the action of Heaven, what God has created on earth will soon be damaged beyond recovery. A very dramatic effect already is in progress as regards the support structures of what man calls  nature." Heaven, it claimed, was "alarmed" at the technology of man. When it comes to what may qualify as "a very dramatic effect" and "damage beyond recovery": take your pick among a flurry of problems that fit the bill.

"You are not honest with yourselves and mask the signs of the times; you do not see all that happens in the whole world," the alleged Costa Rican locutionist felt the Lord "speak" to her. "Mankind is insensitive to the pain of its brothers and sisters. You do not see the change in nature..."

We don't despise prophecy here. Take what seems good; leave the rest. Instead of "environment," we like to think in terms of "God's Creation." (Liberals have taken it to the extreme of eugenics and earth-worship.)

But Creation itself? What God made?

How could anyone be in favor of harming that (for money)?

Unfortunately we are far more focused on the economy -- with minor issues like shifts in the stock market (and the petty vagaries of politics, celebrities, and sports; in short, with worldliness) -- than the earth itself.

Said the seer who received that Medjugorje message (Marija Lunetti), when asked if God would destroy the world, "We are destroying this world, not God."

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