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Call it false compassion. Call it "enabling." Call it sweeping dirt under the rug.

We all do it:

Faced with an uncomfortable situation or a difficult person, we put on a happy, accommodating face -- perhaps even with encouraging words, even when the difficult person persists in doing something that's wrong.

We do it to avoid confrontation or "hurting" someone's feelings.

Most often, it's because we don't have the energy or courage to correct someone.

And all it does is allow an infection to grow (a "weed" to propagate), doing no one any real favor.

While the truth sets us free, we seek bondage: the lie that something is okay when something is not.

I'm okay, you're okay. (Remember that slogan from the Sixties?)

True, God judges. In the afterlife, we may find that He regards many transactions more as "mistakes" than horrible transgressions -- things we were to learn from.

He may be more the kindly teacher (or principal) than harsh judge.

Granted. We may be surprised at His perspective!

But it is in His Light that we see all truth -- and with His Light here on earth (Jesus) we see the truth or falsity of the moment.

Great falsity it is to ignore darkness. It becomes illness. It hardens, even, the blood vessels. It becomes oppression. It becomes "bad luck" -- the lump in the carpet that we trip over.

This is what happened in the abuse scandal.

Have we worn sackcloth yet -- or treated it as accommodating psychologists?

It is a lie to choose reason over faith.

Let love be without hypocrisy (Romans 12:9).

God desires mercy more than sacrifice, yes.

When we judge, we set forth the way -- the measure -- by which we will be judged (Matthew 7:2).

Judgment belongs to the Lord (Deuteronomy 1:17).

Yet to hide a sin can be to help hatch it. It takes discernment -- which means more than quick prayer. It is God Who covers a multitude of sins (not us). Your enemy is what is unclean around you. This is your debt. It is our debt. It is our nation's debt.

We sit on sin -- we help hatch it -- in darkness. Let's face it: there are times we need to distance ourselves from others in order to send a message with actions that speak louder than words and there are even times when we have to separate ourselves completely, lest our very presence be seen as affirmation.

To avoid conflict, we affirm when affirmation is without warrant; we trade correction for a smile.

And this does what? It affirms a negative -- whereas with love we can comfortably correct. We can rebuke with true power. We should rebuke with love. "Better is open rebuke than hidden love" (Proverbs 27:5). Be not attracted to what is bad. Don't let it suck oxygen out of the room (or your lungs). Grounding yourself in His Word, and setting love as your foundation, reform what is deformed; call something that is black, black; be not mesmerized by the glow.

Evil shines like coal (and burns like coal also).

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