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Esperanza Had Warned Of Attacks On Troops

By Michael H. Brown

In December of 2002 -- 17 months ago -- Venezuelan mystic Maria Esperanza had this to say: "It would be a crazy thing to do, to attack Iraq, because they will attack and attack and attack, and they are prepared. They are just waiting to respond. They are just waiting for something little to fall upon, the terrorists and Iraq together. Leaders must be humble in heart and very wise, with patience and generosity. We are here in this world to serve -- serve, serve, serve, and never get tired of serving. We can never allow ourselves to be provoked. We have to be balanced. We must always have our minds on Heaven. We are here today because God wants us to be here.

"The U.S. is very smart and intelligent. It has many talents. It is a nation that does what is just. But it is also a nation that must go back to God.

"For now, God is holding back the arms of terrorists with His right Arm. If we pray and honor Him, He will stop everything. Right now He is stopping things because of Our Lady. She is involved in many things to defeat the enemy, and this moment needs a lot of peace. Injustice is reigning right now, but Our Lord is fixing everything. Anyone who dares do something, who rises to do evil, will pay the consequences. Instead we must raise our hearts and open our eyes to the infinite, to eternity, and say only, 'My God, my Lord, we're waiting for you!'"

May 2004

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