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True And False Lights: Recent Messages Raise Questions About The Coming Of 2004

By Michael H. Brown

It was there in a message granted to seer Mirjana Dragicevic Soldo of Medjugorje in Bosnia-Hercegovina  the past October (2003), at this place that has been visited by literally thousands of priests, hundreds of bishops, and dozens of cardinals. "Dear Children," it said, "give me your hearts completely. Allow me to take you to my Son, Who is the true peace and happiness. Do not allow the false brightness that is surrounding you and being offered to you to deceive you. Do not allow Satan to reign over you with the false peace and happiness."

It was said to be from the Blessed Mother, and it was electrical stuff, a relatively long while since the Blessed Mother, who has appeared here since 1981, had spoken so directly about Satan. It also seemed laden with potential implication. What exactly was meant by "false brightness"? Was it an illusion to the falsity of materialism: the glass and brass, the glittering jewels, the gleaming schemes of consumerism, especially this time of the year? Did it have to do with a spiritual deception -- literally, a false light, as is sometimes seen in spiritual experiences? Or -- as seemed most likely -- did it refer to the general tenor of our entire time, the obsession with celebrity, the new idols we have, the way our modern-day life has made everything seem so bright and shiny when too often there is a shadow behind it?

The message was doubly intriguing when seen in line with a much earlier revelation from the Church-approved site of LaSalette in France -- where, in a secret missive granted to a visionary named Melanie Calvat, the Virgin Mary allegedly had used virtually identical verbiage. "Everywhere there will be extraordinary wonders, as true faith has faded and false light brightens the people," she had said in 1846.

False brightness. False light. What had it meant a century and a half ago? And did it bear similar meaning in our own day?

The passage had been preceded by a warning that seemed to allude to the deceptions of spiritualism. It mentioned the raising of the dead in a message that appeared just before the onslaught of seances, spiritualism, and mediums in the latter part of that century, and was followed by a lament by the Virgin concerning the Church itself, a warning that the "princes of the Church" would think only of "piling riches upon riches to protect their authority and dominate with pride."

That was the situation in 19th-century France and arguably has happened again in our own time. All around, there is occultism, and all around there is the priestly crisis. But was this what was being alluded to? What about the notion of "false peace"? What about false "happiness"? Does this not get back to society in general?

More than anything, it seemed like a commentary on a feelgood society that refuses to believe in the existence of evil and the struggles of life -- the struggles and the dangers. As we march toward ever greater material comfort, the Blessed Mother seemed to be warning us to view such for what it is. Optimism is good as long as it is not overdone and Pollyanna.

At the same time, the Medjugorje message seemed nearly to dovetail with a third prophecy that was granted to Venezuelan seer Maria Esperanza of the Church-sanctioned site at Betania. In Maria's case, there is the prophecy not of an existing "false brightness," but of a coming, true brightness. She has referred to "rivers of light" beginning in 2004, a spiritual awakening sent in luminous rays from Heaven.

Here, at year's end, we contemplate this and look to next month -- which is 2004 -- with anticipation. When asked if 2004 referred to something in the spiritual realm or here on earth, Maria has replied, "In both the spiritual and material realms. It's something that cannot be avoided. It cannot be stopped. It is the beginning of something."

The beginning: Not the day the earth stood still, not the end of the world. But something in the realm of spirits that will affect us in ways we can't yet envision. Would it be apparent during 2004 that such was occurring? Maria has not said. "She feels there will be a change in people," says her husband Geo. "We will achieve new innocence, a new spiritual state."

Does that mean everyone -- or even most people -- will participate, that the effect will be universal?

This is not answered. Something that appears as "rivers of light" in the spiritual dimension is going to affect many is all we know from her claims -- but perhaps it is related to the emphasis Pope John Paul II plans to place in 2004 on the Eucharist. He has even mentioned "rivers of light" in association with it!

But in the meantime (and for the foreseeable future) there will also be the "false brightness" with which to contend. The seers at Medjugorje have not elaborated. Esperanza sees an enlightenment beginning in 2004. The earth is entering into a "new stage." There will be greater light from Heaven. Will it dispel the darkness that pretends to be the Light?

"Our Lord is crying out for conversions," says Esperanza. "This has been a lesson for the whole world. The faith of people in today's world is too superficial. We must have a heart opened to the Lord and His grace, because God is now going to shake the whole world, not only the U.S. It will not be a violent shaking but something that makes people aware of His Presence."

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