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Do you see light as an indicator?

The photos above were taken by a viewer in Dublin (Ireland) of a webcast from an Adoration chapel there. It's what she saw on her laptop. The first is as the chapel it normally appears; the rest are at various other points during Adoration. When the priest came out for the ending prayer, the glow started to get small, we are informed, until eventually it vanished. It did not show this same expansion and contraction other days. "I have not seen it again," she wrote us. "I showed it to just a few people and they were aghast. Some of them said that they could be shining lights to make that happen, but I know this is not the case. It is a mystery, or more than that, a miracle; after all, Jesus is present in a special way at that time."

Has light sometimes marked certain moments of your life, and especially your prayer?

The other day we were speaking with a professor who's an expert on Saint Francis and afterward, walking through a nearby shrine, there was the sun, pulsing in a peculiar fashion. Very noticeable. When we stopped, there was a statue; it was Saint Francis.

We don't do "coincidence" here.

In a recent "special report," we looked in-depth at how a manifestation of Jesus -- as has long prophesied -- might occur. The focus was on a manifestation that, if such a thing were to happen, would be composed of light. We received mail from those who feel they have experienced miniature such "manifestations."

"I've spent some time this evening reading your most recent special report about Jesus coming in light," wrote Dede Laugesen from Colorado. "I wanted to share with you my experience in Medjugorje during the one and only trip I took there in October 1998.

"From Split (Croatia), we traveled to Medjugorje and arrived just after dark. As my group disembarked from the bus several pilgrims and I noted a strange luminosity at the top of Cross Mountain. Being near to St James Church, we were too far to see candle lights and the rain that was falling would have extinguished any that had been burning. We stood for some time staring at the light. Being trained as a journalist, I approached Medjugorje as a skeptic. I was there to observe, to take pictures, and to report," wrote Dede.

"After dinner and polite conversation [one night], I returned to my room where my roommate was already asleep. I set a picture of the Blessed Mother and Child I had purchased up on the dresser at the end of my bed. I set my flashlight next to me on the nightstand and determined to pray the Joyful mysteries since I had been so distracted and unable to pray earlier on Apparition Hill.

"That is when the strangest thing began to happen. As I prayed, the picture began to illuminate the room. My little flashlight was nothing compared to the light that was somehow emanating from the image. And then, as I continued to pray, the image began to transform. During the prayers of the Hail Mary, each time I would come to the words 'fruit of thy womb, Jesus,' the image before me would disappear and the face of Jesus would come forth. This continued, much like the rhythm of a heartbeat, through the recitation of the mysteries. When I finished praying, the light faded and I was left in the darkened room with the measly light of my flashlight that I had set up like a candle.

"My roommate slept through the entire event. I however was floored and overjoyed. I knew with certainty that I was loved and that Mary was with Jesus and Jesus with Mary and that they were both present to me in a very real way. Since then, my faith has never wavered. Sure, Iíve had my ups and downs ó my hot and cold moments, but I have never fallen into disbelief. The image traveled home with me on my lap on the airplane without any issues. Ever since it has hung in my living room watching over my family as it has grown through the years.

(PS-- "I can also share these Easter Cross photos with you. The source of light causing the image is the rising sun on Easter morning. My family, friends and neighbors witnessed this cross every Easter and also on the Feast of the Assumption from 1999 to 2002. We moved from that house in December 2002. I took the window with us and had it framed. I don't have a place to hang it, so I just keep it in a safe place. I first discovered it at sunrise in 1999. I was walking down my hallway early in the morning and noticed a strange shadow on my wall coming from the bathroom. When I looked into the room, I was confronted with the Cross. We had a patio in the backyard which would have been behind the window. On the patio we had hung Christmas lights. In the morning we would see this image. At night, because of the Christmas lights reflecting through the window, we would witness hundreds of tiny crosses all in the colors of the jubilee. It reminded me of the people of God at night. You have my permission to use these images in any way you choose. They are a message from God, I am certain. Not something for me to keep to myself. But rather something to be shared."]

Adds Ellen Weigant, Pawhuska, Oklahoma: "I especially 'enjoyed' the latest special report," wrote Ellen Weigant of Pawhuska, Oklahoma. "About twenty-five years ago I bent down in my front yard to pick up the paper. When I stood up I saw a tremendous flash of light in the sky and almost instantly a 'flash' of dark up in the sky. There was no thunder and not a cloud in the sky. Since that time I have been in the midst of a spiritual battle on many fronts. I must also say my spiritual life has deepened tremendously since then and in no small part by Spirit Daily."

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