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Allegedly Miraculous Images Appear At Fourth Locale In Remote Part Of Canada

By Joshua Caswell in Saskatchewan

 Over 10,000 visitors have reportedly visited the three northern communities in Saskatchewan, Canada, where images of the Virgin Mary and other holy figures are appearing on windows. More recently the images are appearing in a community about thirty miles south of Ile-a-la-Crosse where the images first drew thousands of visitors last September [see previous stories].

This week hundreds of onlookers gathered at two nearby residences in a town called Beauval to view two separate images on picture windows that began to manifest on January 6. Onlookers went back and forth between the duo of homes until the wee hours of the morning, capturing both images on cameras and camcorders. People are said to be flocking from surrounding communities and some visitors have already come from the cities of Saskatoon and Prince Albert to see the images.  See the secular report at  [http://uk.news.yahoo.com/030110/80/di9mn.html].

Lillian Aubichon, who owns one of the homes, says the image was actually seen first on Sunday, December 22. "It started out as a white image then color formed later," says Aubichon. "She appeared with her arms spread open and then she closed them as if in prayer... We could smell roses."

The image returned again on Monday, the same night an image of the Virgin Mary appeared at the home of Bertha Durocher, about a block away from Lillian Aubichon’s home. Durocher says she first noticed on her home early Monday evening but ignored it until shortly after midnight, when the glowing image became too noticeable to ignore.

"I went to tell the people who were looking at the image on the other house to come over and I even brought Lillian herself," Durocher says. "We drove up the driveway and Lillian just said ‘Oh my God.’ We shut off the car headlights and that is when she (the Virgin Mary) really glowed... just beautiful. It was its own light."

Durocher and those who have seen the images say that hands, hair, veil and rosary could easily be discerned and that the main colors of the image are blue, gold and white.

Phylis Jack, a Beauval resident, was one of the many who were astonished at the image. "I was making fun of it when I first heard about it," she said, "I thought it wouldn’t hurt take a look though… I wasn’t prepared for what I saw… Her hands were moving. She was moving in this ghostly way. I’m still too amazed to think about it. I thought I was seeing things. I never ever dreamed I would see anything like that in my life."

Both Aubichon and Durocher welcome visitors to come and see the images. "There are two school gymnasiums where people can stay," says Durocher. "Even if they don’t see the image, they can still watch the videos."

Fr. John Zunti, the resident priest for Beauval, has visited the homes and although cautious about declaring them miraculous, says they are a call to prayer for everybody.

Fr. Zunti spent a night in prayer with those who viewed the images on the night of Tuesday, January 7. "People are definitely seeing something," he said. "The atmosphere was very peaceful. I think it is important, that when these things happen, they be guided into prayer."

Fr. Zunti believes that these images have a personal message from Mary. "We need to pray," he said. "Why did the miracle at Fatima happen? Because Our Blessed Mother wanted us to pray... It’s the same message in all these communities. It is a message for everybody and not for just for us."