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Church group 'gets gold dust from God'

Christians in Dorset claim they have been showered with gold dust by God.

Members of The Lantern Church say they were dusted after a visit from a group which gets regular golden blessings itself.

The congregation say they have never been showered at church but claim individuals have experienced it at home.

Members of the church, in Merley, believe God is blessing them, reports Bournemouth's Daily Echo.

Rector of Corfe Mullen, Rev Peter Lawrence, said: "Some might be sceptical but there does seem to be growing evidence on this blessing from God and, as a church, we are open to whatever God is doing."

Julian Hewitt, press officer for the Salisbury diocese, said: "When the Bishop of Salisbury returns from a trip to the Sudan, no doubt he will want to look into the matter very carefully


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