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Virgin Of Guadalupe Image Cries Blood

(this is the English web translation of the article found at this news web site in Spanish http://mx.news.yahoo.com/s/03032007/38/nacional-cientos-creyentes-desfilan-virgen-dicen-llora-sangre.html)

Hundreds of believers march past before a Virgin who say that cries blood,

Saturday 3 of March 02:18 p.m. New Laredo (Mexico)(EFE). -
Hundreds of people have been marching past for ten days before an image of the Virgin of Guadalupe, in a humble house in the northern Mexican city again Laredo, because they assure that blood cries, although a priest requests to hope to that a scientific research becomes. Maria Guadalupe Salazar Martinez, owner of the image, said that the Virgin began to the past spill tears Wednesday of ash and that since then she has continued crying. The version has attracted hundreds of people again Laredo, border city with the American of Laredo (Texas), who march past by the house of Salazar, of 33 years, that have been declaring a devotee guadalupana for one decade. The woman, who lives with her husband in a house on wood, lamina and cardboard, assures that the past 21 of February, day of beginning of the Cuaresma, the image of the Virgin of Guadalupe began to cry "normal tears" but later they have become blood. Salazar said that it made the finding while it cleaned the religious picture and later it gave warning to his relatives. The version ran quickly by the district of the woman, whose house has attracted people who pray before the image and they leave offerings him. Some believers go to ask the Virgin by the health of some relative, or as in the case of a woman who declined to give her name, the return of its husband kidnapped for months. The priest Luis Blunt Antonio Scatters, parish priest of a temple again Laredo, said to Efe that after knowing the fact went to the address of Salazar to observe the image personally. Blunt He scatters he declared themselves incompetent to affirm the existence or of a miracle and did not say: "Before being able to declare it as a miracle we needed the consent our Bishop, Ricardo Watty, so that an investigation becomes and the authenticity of the tears is verified scientifically" Blunt Scatters, nevertheless, did not discard the possibility that it can be a divine manifestation. At the moment, believers that goes to see this image agree in which she is about a divine message and solidarity of the Virgin, that feels pain by the suffering of the town due to the climate of violence of the last years, but also of hope and I exhort to his devotee ones to which she demands to be better people. New Laredo is one of the most violent cities of Mexico, where the cartels of the drug trafficking dispute to blood and fire the control of the seat, key in the drug distribution towards the United States. According to the catholic legend, the Virgin of Guadalupe appeared the 12 of December of 1531 to the native Juan Diego in the hill of the Tepeyac, where before a temple to an Aztec goddess existed, in the center of Mexico. The Virgin of Guadalupe is the patron of Mexico and its image shaped in a fabric, that according to the catholic tradition was poncho of Juan Diego, attracts million people each 12 of December which they meet in the basilica of the guadalupana, in the north of City of Mexico.


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