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The Virgin Mary appears to have formed a remarkable plan that stretches across the Western Hemisphere. From South to North America, bishops have granted first-stage approval to several situations that seem to establish God's defense of the West. In what can only be viewed as extraordinary exceptions in an era when chanceries usually rule against apparitions, bishops in Argentina, Nicaragua, Venezuela, and the United States have run against the current and approved what seem like crucial apparitions that leave the door open to what is increasingly looking like an urgent grace. 

In a rare pronouncement (as we have previously reported), the bishop of San Nicolas de los Arroyos in Argentina has reiterated that dramatic messages warning the world is in "great danger" have been officially accepted by the Church. The messages, which allegedly came from the Virgin through a woman named named Gladys Herminia Quiroga, warn of chastisements and say that mankind is in "very dramatic moments." 

At the same time, they offer the hope that what looks like a triumph of evil will soon be reversed -- the same message reported in what have become known in the U.S. as the "Our Lady of America" prophecies.  

Similar messages have also been reported in Cuapa, Nicaragua, to a humble sacristan named Bernardo Martinez. He received the endorsement of local bishop Monsignor Pablo Antonio of Juigalpa.

And the same goes for apparitions in Betania, Venezuela -- where the Virgin has come (and continues to come) as "reconciler of all peoples and nations." 

That phraseology is remarkably similar to the words used in the most recent apparition to surface, that involving Our Lady of America to a nun who lived in Indiana and Ohio [see previous stories]. There too the Virgin allegedly came with an urgent warning -- one that, as in the Nicaraguan apparition, warned of nuclear war but offered hope that such a disaster can be reverted.

The messages or prayers of the American, Nicaraguan, and Argentine apparitions have all received an official imprimatur and have reached initial or "first-stage" approval by further action on the part of the bishops (who in the case of the U.S. apparition struck a medal and made a relief in connection with the apparition and in the case of Argentina went a step further and allowed construction of a large church dedicated to the apparition). Most approved of all is Betania, where Bishop Pio Bello Ricardo declared the site of apparitions "sacred ground" and issued a formal declaration.

So it is that despite a strong current against official recognition of apparitions, the Virgin has established what appear to be beach-fronts that stretch over 5,500 miles. There have also been recent claims of apparitions in Canada (at a site called Marmora and on Prince Edward Island), but these have not met with the approval of local bishops.

But it's heating up; stay tuned...

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