The archives: two revelations pointed to Christmas as day of greatest release for purgatorial souls

Pope: true peace comes through communication with God

What's Heaven like? Ask these doctors

In annual address, Pope repeats warnings on gay marriage, distorting natural

Pope grants Christmas pardon to butler 

Visits jail

Apparitions: while major events loom, Blessed Mother rarely gives time or dates

Prayer Room  St. Andrew Christmas novena prayer

Meditation: saints of the day   Mary's Messages  Mass Readings;

Homily of the Day  Vatican video 

Michael Brown pilgrimage, Medjugorje

-Michael Brown retreats: Florida, January 27

-Announcing a retreat in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

-Retreat in Houston

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Priest explains hidden and mysterious ways we are affected by others


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The face of evil

Video: the tree where 'Mary' once appeared

The deadliest school massacre was in 1927

'Denying God leads to evil acts'

Video: help from beyond?

Another prophetic 'harbinger'?

The Vatican's tax-free store

Weirdwatch: did magazine cover foresee 9/11 -- in 1995?

The Pope's hint: interfaith fight against homosexual marriage

Lightning strikes twice for Newtown pastor

Newtown: occult links?

God and Scrooge: what Charles Dickens believed

The benefits of grapefruits

What you need to know about Christmas

Genetic fish: it's what's for dinner

Michael Brown retreat, Florida, January

Uniquely powerful

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