One woman's story of exorcisms

Vatican hospital will take little Alfie

Video: a call to holiness

Near-deather: I saw the pearly gates

Buffalo bishop selling mansion to compensate abuse victims

Priests arrive in Rome for exorcist course


Survey: belief in devil remains high

Prominent U.S. priest delivered powerful, fascinating prophecy

The dangerous occult fad

Our most primal fear

Video: an exuding statue in Egypt

Revisiting apparition in Ukraine

Special report (new): the most amazing healer -- since Jesus?

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Inside the terror: 'Dear Jesus, send angels'

New information on a World War II battle that's been lost to history

The sub that transported Nazis?

Sad times: most curse before noon

Big government linked to drop in religion

Alfie's father: Pope said no child's life should be taken

Bush held wife's hand till end

Big brother: Amazon has sold tens of millions of Echo devices

Exorcist casting demons from Muslims

Prayer need: woman sucked from Southwest jet identified

Travesty: choosing your baby

Lawyer warns Trump on Cohen


Pornography 'star' wants to donate to Planned Parenthood

Why Christians don't trust their devices

San Francisco's big seismic gamble

Priest 'descended to Satan' (caution: upsetting content)

Moses was first!

Strange creature or a demon?

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