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[adapted from Life Missions, Family Healings]


You and your family have a mission in life. It is unlike the mission of any other person (or family) in the world. Someway, God has a design for you different from that of any other who has ever lived on this planet. There have been perhaps as many as eighty billion people in all of history and yet you have a mission that’s as unique to you as your fingerprints.


When you die, you'll find out just what it was.


When we die, we’ll see what that mission is -- and more importantly, whether we fulfilled it (or perhaps we should say missions, plural): It’s something we definitely want to do.


We want to complete them.


We can glimpse them – and get a sense of them – through prayer.


A glimpse.


In deep contemplation, we can ask the Holy Spirit to direct us as in carrying forth what the Lord has assigned to us, and we should: for every single one of us is equally important to God’s Plan for Creation and everything we do is recorded and every minute on earth is precious (it never returns).


The Lord knew you before you were born (Jeremiah 1:5 ), and before you were born He placed you in a huge puzzle that only He can see in its fullness.


The only human Who has ever been privy to the "big picture" for His own Life was Jesus -- and we see that He completed His mission when He was crucified ("It is finished" -- John 9:30) .


What's your life mission? Have you ever contemplated it? Do you realize how important you are to God? Do you know that you are as important as anyone?


More importantly, have you prayed to accomplish said mission?


Do you ask for guidance every day during prayer?


Do you ask the Holy Spirit to lead you in completing His plan -- or have you decided for yourself what it is? Are you digressing (to fulfill ego)?


These are very important issues. Few are more so. Perhaps faith. Certainly love. But a mission involves both of those attributes and is linked to who we are, what we do, the opportunities we have had, those people we meet, the successes we have enjoyed, the failures we have endured, and those to whom we are closest.


Often, we guess what our missions are, or try to fashion them according to what we want. Here you find folks who seek to be "big shots" and convince themselves that it's a part of their cause. It is a part of their ego. They waste time (and resources).


We must always ask ourselves: is what we do a mission? Is there more we should be doing, or focusing upon?


And the answer will come only through prayer – in the spirit. (It's why we call it Spirit daily.)


Some "missions" seem obvious:


A doctor may see his cause as healing the sick, and indeed that is likely a key part of it. A mother takes care of her children. That’s obvious. A carpenter may see his mission as feeding his family, as well as building homes – and both are involved in it. A gardener takes care of trees.


This is where we may find surprise -- for hidden in the jobs we do and lives we live and the trials and victories and obstacles are often "little" side tasks and challenges that we take for granted and don't think are important when in fact they may be more important than our actual careers.


Take a clerk at a supermarket: He or she is given the task of checking out customers, and an orderly, diligent approach to that job or any other is noteworthy. The Lord wants us to learn to be orderly and diligent. The clerk is helping us with food.  


Those are all aspects of a mission.


But when a clerk dies, he may learn that the most important part of his mission was not checking out foodstuffs or cleaning the counter or stocking shelves but offering a smile to those customers (or praying for them). Wouldn’t that be a surprise (after death)?


And yet think of it:


A smile is important. It can be a mission. It sends a good spiritual force – the force of a Loving God – around a person. A smile makes people feel better. A smile bolsters. A smile can turn around a bad day. A smile even promotes health. A smile may start a chain reaction. As such, then, a smile can affect God’s Plan for the entire universe.


The same is true of prayer:


Perhaps the true mission of an insurance agent is to pray for everyone he sees, not just support his family and try to sell insurance.


Wouldn’t it be a surprise if during our "life reviews" our missions were shown to us as praying for everyone and wishing them well and that our jobs were just the means to that or some other spiritual end?


"Oh, I see," we will say (when we die). "I should have known! Now it makes sense!" – why you had the career or job or role or friends you did (and also why, when you decided on your own mission, you created tensions and failed).


Seeing our lives in the spirit – with the eyes of eternity -- is going to be a wake-up to all and especially those who have closed themselves off to the spiritual (often under the guise of "rationality"). In the afterlife -- in reliving our lives -- we are going to be amazed at how we affected others (and at who we really are). Please remember that all of us have effects on those around us in ways we cannot even conceive, that we should live lives as if we will see them again (because we will), and that we should treat each moment on earth as if it is our last. This is the route to Heaven!


What is your mission?


You may want to have a public place. You may want to be a film maker, or a movie star. You may want wealth. And you will be clever in justifying it.


But the one you deceive is yourself.


How do we know what our true missions are?


A mission comes naturally. It is never forced. It flows with our lives. It fits like an old shoe. It is a challenge. It is an adventure. It is interesting. We are naturals for it. It could be to pray or sacrifice. It may have suffering. It always loves. It does not serve ego.


It is tied to your personality.


It is tied to what you love.


It is in the truth of who you really are.


"Every person has a mission to do before they die," wrote one woman who has extensively studied near-death experiences. "Examine your life in the past. There is a reason for anything that occurs in this world. This is God's way of giving you chances to improve your soul. Always show love. God's timing is always accurate. He gives you lessons in each person's life, even if they may seem to be painful, such as: sickness, loss of family, loss of money, an angered family member, and so on. No matter what troubled situation it may be, God wants to see how each person will handle the situation. Remember, this world is just a test for your soul. Try to help as many souls as you can. The more difficult your task seems on earth, the more your soul will accomplish and grow, if you complete your task with love. You’ll want all the difficult tasks you can get so your soul can mature at a higher level. Everyone on this earth has obstacles to go through. God throws them at you because He wants to see your soul grow."


We have more of an effect on the world with our everyday lives than we realize. God wants us to create goodness. He always wants us to purify our families (so as not to pass evil through the family line).


In this way are we co-workers in Redemption.


St. Thérèse the Little Flower came on a mission of love. St. Catherine Labouré came to serve the infirm (and have the Miraculous Medal struck).


So too is there a plan for each of our lives -- a mission as important as that given any other person (or saint). Mainly, a mission is in hiddenness.


It may not seem like a grand plan. It may not be flashy. Look at Joseph. Look at Mary.


But God's greatest power is exhibited, often, in littleness and the everyday tasks of life. The point for now: in the depths of our spirits are the secret plans for our lives.


[adapted from Life Missions, Family Healings]


[photo at top taken in Marmora, Ontario]


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