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A miracle is a miracle. It doesn't have to be a "gigantic" one. For instance:

"Millions of people gathered in Madrid," observed Anju Thomas of Lake Jackson, Texas, who with sister Ashu attended World Youth Day last month. "Neither a rock star or politician can gather millions of people like the Pope. About 1.5 million youth came from around the world to be blessed by Pope Benedict XVI and be consecrated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

"The vigil took place on Saturday August 21 and the people witnessed a miracle! Rain started pouring but the crowd just cheered louder. Pope Benedict asked the two million present to quietly pray while Jesus was brought out during Adoration. 

"The entire crowd was silent and the rain stopped! It halted for the entire time of Adoration. Once Jesus was taken away, it started pouring again immediately. 'The next morning was Mass," continues the Texas youngster. "My heart was pounding because I was chosen to bring up the wine at the closing liturgy. 

"I sat on the stage and listened to the beginning of Mass. When it was time, I got in line holding the wine. With each step I took towards the Pope, my heart pounded faster and faster. I bowed before the Pope and knelt at his feet. His face is so kind and his eyes so gentle. Pope Benedict tenderly placed his hand on my forehead and blessed me. I was overwhelmed with joy while returning to my seat.  I feel so blessed to have knelt at the feet of St. Peter’s successor!"

Miracles are as miracles are perceived.

Recently, we carried the article about a Baptist woman named Gladys Hargis who "died" and -- interestingly enough -- encountered the Blessed Mother during her near-death experience. She suffers from a diaphragm that doesn't fully function, dangerously depriving her -- on occasion -- of adequate oxygen. (You can view her account here.)

During her episode, Gladys had also seen another woman, one she couldn't identify. Recently she had another experience -- not quite a near-death experience, but close -- that seemed to solve the mystery.

We'll let her tell it:

"Last Thursday night about 11:30 p.m., a terrible storm came up, with 71 m.p.h. hurricane winds clocked, hail, trees blown out of ground, fences blown over, roofs off, my patio furniture in the next door fence, but no one was killed," she wrote two weeks ago. "I did not hear anything. With oxygen pumping and my air pack on I was sound asleep. Then my electricity went off, my pump has long since lost its off buzzer, so I sleep flat with no air or oxygen. I was told at the hospital by my Doctor, never sleep flat without air or oxygen.

"After about two hours -- [nearly] no air or oxygen -- my angel appeared in my sleep of death. She did not take me, but I was able to recall something I had forgotten. While I had been in Heaven's garden talking with Mary [in 2006], there was a woman who also had a glow around her. Mary was facing me, while the woman in white was facing away. They were sitting about six to seven feet from each other. I knew she was Saint Teresa, but I had never heard of her. She told me who she was. I remembered in my mind's eye that she was the one with the coil of hair on her head, but slightly to the side of her head, not a bun just a coil. She had no full head wear except a doily like cloth on the top of her head, about eight inches in diameter.

"I remember asking my nurse, (Mary) Rose, if she was Mary, which in my book, she answered no, then I remembered asking her if she was St. Teresa, and she just smiled, and shook her head. I checked my old notes, and saw where I had asked her. I forgot all about it, especially because I did not know who she was. I just left her out of my book. Mary was covered with a complete cloth over her head. It is odd that I would be able to remember her, and yet forget St. Teresa. Yet I knew something was wrong with what I told you, but I could not put my finger on it. I talked to Rose last night and she remembered me asking about Teresa, but Rose's main concern was trying to get my soul to leave my body, and go with the angel. Rose said that she could tell I had seen something wonderful, because my face just shined and was radiant, and I was so happy. We did not get our electricity back until Saturday, and our telephones back on Sunday night.

"Would you let me know who Saint Teresa is?" Gladys, who wrote You Live Forever, asked.

That we did!

Actually: St. Thérèse.

Here you go, Gladys. See left.

Oh, so good to have the saints, when humans fail us.

Back to those more subtle miracles.

"Two weeks ago our friend Alan brought one dozen white roses for Our Lady," writes a sister from the Franciscans of the Eucharist in Chicago. "We put them in a vase in the Chapel below the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe, which is to the right of the Tabernacle. This was actually the day that we had about twenty-five Blessed Virgin Mary sisters visiting for dinner.

"The next morning, I was surprised to see all the roses in full bloom -- except for one which had wilted. So, I removed the wilted rose and I trimmed back some of the excessive leaves which I wasn't able to do the night before. Here we are two weeks later, and those eleven white roses are still in full bloom. We have not changed the water once -- we did add water to the vase two times. The water is clean and the roses have not lost a leaf or a petal -- as matter of fact, right now some of the stems are budding!

"We all know how much Sweet Mary loves us and looks after us . . . and how pleased she is when we stay little and simple for her Son. As a daughter of Mary I have the noble obligation sharing with all of you her glories and simply reminding all of us to always know she is there, ready to draw us closer and closer to her Son Jesus! Thank you so much for your prayers for me and our community, and for the work on the Church -- every day is miraculous on the West Side, and we are just incredibly blessed. There is more love and mercy to go around then we can even imagine. Count on my prayers for you!"

Thank you, sister! And our prayers for you all.

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