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Author Asserts That Host Rose Subtly In Lourdes Basilica

A major Catholic writer in Italy asserts that in 1999 a Eucharistic "miracle" occurred in the lower basilica of Lourdes -- the famous site in the French Pyrenees where Mary appeared to St. Bernadette 141 years before.

The writer, Renzo Allegri, author of books on assorted Catholic topics, including St. Padre Pio and John Paul II, claims that the event occurred during a Mass con-celebrated with the archbishop of Paris, Cardinal Jean-Marie Lustiger (left).

As always, we offer such reports only for discernment. Allegri has confirmed to us his authorship of the report.

"There were many bishops and priests present from around the world," according to one translation of his account in a publication called Escatologia. "The ceremony was televised in French. The celebrant had two large Eucharists on the altar for consecration. They were larger than the ones the Italian priest was using.

"At the beginning of the Mass the two appeared on film, one resting on the other. The two Eucharists appear to be one body. You couldn't tell they were two. They put them in the paten, in which they fit perfectly.

"At the moment of Consecration, when the priest stretched out his hand to invoke the Holy Spirit, is when the miracle occurred. One can see the large Eucharist separate from the other and rise.

"The moment was very impressive. The Eucharist rose like there was a spring below and oscillated three or four times before the Eucharist settled in a stationary position. It was about a centimeter away from the other Host, horizontally, and stay in that position until the end of the Consecration."

A review of the video, claims Allegri, showed the miracle -- and the subtle rising -- again. It was broadcast over Antenne 2. "The movement of the image is impressive, " Allegri elaborated in an e-mail. "I extracted some frames that I published. The film exists and is authentic."

"They do not believe there was any deception or optical illusion," he wrote in his article. "The ecclesiastic authorities have decided not to comment officially on the event but those who view it believe it was a miracle."

It was Allegri who nearly a year ago reported on alleged tests seeming to show that fluid from bleeding icons owned by an Italian priest was unique and did not correspond to any of the configurations present in the worldwide data bank where the data for 22,000 males from 187 different populations is kept. Historically, alleged Eucharistic miracles have included rising, illuminated, multiplying, or bleeding Hosts, the most famous of which is in Lanciano, Italy. It was in 1858 that St. Bernadette saw the Blessed Mother in a small grotto at Lourdes, above which the basilica was constructed. The apparitions ended on July 16 -- feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel.



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