Is love really blind? Yes. No.

Or: of course.

Love is blind when it's unconditional. This is God's Love: No matter what we do, and even if we don't believe in Him -- even if we have declaimed Him, blasphemed -- His Love still remains (though that doesn't mean the person makes Heaven!).

Otherwise, love is the opposite of blind:

True affection, authentic love, love that is in God's own love and Plan, leads to enlightenment. It brightens our existence, our paths. We see "behind the stage." When we love, we are not blind; we are  illuminated; our spiritual blinders lift; we see better than ever. We "see" things that usually get by us. There are entirely new vistas -- exciting perceptions, but also, often, sobering ones.

More than anything, love purifies and prepares us for Heaven.

This is a common theme not only in Catholicism and the teachings of Our Savior but with modern mystics and those who were clinically dead (returning to talk about it; see Imagine Heaven, or What You Take To Heaven): When love is allowed to course through our hearts, it heals our hearts; it is balm, spiritually, emotionally, and physically. One man found great joy by printing up coupons that said, "Sometimes it's just nice to know somebody cares. Have a great day! From ------------." He and his family handed them out whenever they saw someone who looked like they needed a boost and this brought such joy and peace that it transformed their lives.

Yes: love -- service -- has actual physical effects. Live more through your heart than your brain and you will find more balance in your life, heightened joy, and wellness. God speaks to us mainly by what He "puts on our hearts" (not in our ears). It is the medium between here and hereafter.

When we are seeing through the prism of love, we are seeing colors; we are seeing beauty; we are seeing the spectrum. We are seeing with the Eyes (at least partly) of God. True love puts us at peace and health and ease while false love can tap into darkness that brings dis-ease. Without love there is frustration; there is tension; there is blockage -- emotionally and even in the arteries. There is "hardness" that light does not penetrate. Cement. Without love our emotions and health are erratic.

It is hard to love when there is EGO, which might as well stand for "'edging God out"; for pride is the opposite of love and God is Love. Pride is a roadblock. And it blocks our vision in proportion to its extent. It also goeth before the fall (because when we're blind we trip over things, including ourselves). Rid yourself of these too -- anger and ego -- and you have greatly advanced. Love opens the door to realization of what we must do to fully -- fully-- please God.

Our current society teaches the opposite -- anger, anger, and more anger, bickering, name-calling, criticism, often in the name of righteousness. One day you will find that this has gotten you nowhere. We strive to attain purity through love and service, or we strive for nothing. But does that mean we excuse everything -- neglecting unpleasant truths -- and never are disturbed by what others do (see: terrorists)?

"One cannot spread truth without love," is a quote sent to us. "Otherwise the very truth becomes falsehood. On the other hand, one cannot promote and exercise a misconception of love under the guise of truth. For in that case, love also becomes false. Authentic love can only be promoted by authentic truth and authentic truth by authentic love. In both cases love and truth must include acceptance and correction in the wisdom of sound reason and judgment which exist beyond the world of subjectivism."

When love is not real love -- when it is political, or idolatrous, or lust, or infatuation, obsession, away from God's Plan, we become trapped; there is bondage; it not only blinds but binds. From this we must bust free (breaking the hold and casting it, in the Name of Jesus, to the foot of the Cross!). Truth with love sets us free. We find our proper place. We know when and how to act. We sense our missions. Real love knows its right purpose and time.

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