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In the mailbag and for your discernment:

We get plenty of mail and apologize for taking a while to get back to some of you. All mail is read. Below are some recent accounts submitted for your consideration. For an accompanying article on prophecy and hurricanes, click here.


First story

Dear Spirit Daily,
Once a month, I lead the Rosary in an elderly assisted living center. I would like to share the remarkable story told to me by an elderly lady with great faith. 

Years ago, Antoinette's baby boy was pronounced dead. Filled with grief and refusing to believe that he was actually dead, she told the house full of people to leave her alone and she went out on the porch to pray.

She prayed to the Blessed Mother and she said to herself, "If I can just see her I know he will be ok." After hours of prayer, the Virgin appeared and glided to her with her arms out. Antoinette gasped, "You came, you came, my Arthur is alive!" Antoinette rushed into the house yelling, "She came, he's alive, put on the coffee pot!"  

Thinking she had suffered a breakdown, her husband was told "you have lost your son; now you have lost your wife." Moments later the doctor came running out of the child's room with his hands in the air and sweat pouring off his face. The Jewish doctor shouted, " I don't know what happened, I can't explain it, he's alive!"

The baby boy who had "died" from spinal meningitis was now alive, through the prayers of his mother to the Blessed Virgin. Her son is alive and well today, completely recovered and leading a normal life.

In Jesus and Mary,
Kyla Sandberg, Haverhill, Massachusetts

Second story

Dear Spirit Daily,

In 1997 during a flight from Chicago to Columbus, our plane began to shake violently. The flight attendants were visibly alarmed as they hurried down the aisle towards the cockpit. An announcement was made that "the person in charge of the flight is aware of the shaking and will let us know the cause when it is determined." The shaking began to make a very loud noise when suddenly the plane dropped, there was a loud bang, and then silence. 

In that moment the only thought I had was amazement that I was actually going to be a person who died in a plane crash, and I wondered what I should do in those last moments. 

As it turned out, the rumor was that a cargo door had opened and the pilot dropped the plane to slam it closed. We were fine, but my subconscious had been deeply affected, and despite my belief that flying was safe, I experienced terrible muscle trembling, shortness of breath, and upset stomach every time I flew for the next several years. I was exhausted after every flight.

One day we were to be the first flight to land after a terrible thunderstorm in Chicago. We were warned that the descent would be quite turbulent. For the first time I thought I might actually lose control and start to scream, so great was my terror.

Suddenly I heard a soft, gentle voice in my head that simply said, "You are safe, daughter." I was instantly overcome with peace for the duration of the flight. To this day, when I am nervous on a plane, I try to recall that moment and those words.


Mary Strom

Chicago, Illinois


Third story

Dear Spirit Daily,

We gave our six-year-old daughter the name "Mary Elizabeth" because she was born on August 15, the Assumption of Mary. She attended vacation bible school in early August and constructed a little prayer altar from wood, that included in the center a picture of Jesus holding the Eucharist. 

After bringing this home, she placed it on our kitchen countertop next to our sink.  At some point, the picture of Jesus fell off, landing face down, and became wet. 

The water stained the paper, causing the ink to run. And guess what?  As we were cleaning up after a meal one evening, I happened to see the picture and I immediately noticed yellow ink on the back side of the picture in the formation of what looked to be Mary, the Mother of God. 

I held it up and showed my wife and some of our children. 

We were all amazed -- a yellow looking image of Mary the Mother of Jesus on the back of the card! 

But there was more. The next day, upon holding the card up to a light, the image of Jesus holding the Eucharist was in the place of where Mary's heart is -- perfectly.  And, the image of Mary herself became much more clear. 

See the attached picture. I am firmly devoted to praying the Rosary each and every day, and fill my day with its prayer and often call upon Mary's intercession
during my day.  God bless and thank you for letting me share this story with Spirit Daily.

Mike Gross,

Ham Lake, Minnesota


Fourth story

Dear Spirit Daily,

While living in Arizona, two incidents happened to me that made me believe just how much God loves us.

I was from Ohio, and lived on Lake Erie almost all my life. When some friends took me to Cactus Lake, I could see the other side of it and said, "This is no lake, I can swim across it!"  Well, I had just finished one beer and proceeded to do this idiotic thing. Now prior to this, I had taught my six-year old how to float and this just totally amazed him. So here I go, swimming across a BIG lake clad in blue jeans. 

A few yards out I realized that I could not move my legs anymore and sank like an anchor. I could not tread water, so I kept yelling for help, but everyone thought I was kidding around. So I prayed for God to save me. I really thought this was it. Then I heard the words I had just taught my son, "Lean back and float."  So I did.  And even with the blue jeans on, I somehow floated safely back to shore. 

I was in Arizona when my mother died in Ohio. I did not even know she was sick.  No one called me until she was gone.  I had no money to go home and since she was cremated, there was really nothing to say good bye to. 

I held this pain until one day, finding myself in a bad situation (living under unfortunate circumstances), I climbed a small mountain in the middle of Phoenix called Shaw Butte. 

It was December, about a year after my mother's death. It was very cold. I dressed warmly, gloves, hat, coat, boots and took my guitar with me. I just needed a place to think. When I started playing my guitar, I began crying and put down my guitar. I bent over and let all my grief come out. That was a lot of tears. I kept asking God, "Why?"

Suddenly, I noticed someone come around a rock formation, and I swear, I saw his foot step from a "tear" in the air.  He had no coat, hat, or gloves on. He was wearing a short-sleeved shirt. I was amazed.  He walked over to me and said, "You are quite upset." When I didn't say anything, he continued to ask me if I was a musician. I told him I just played my guitar and sang whatever I felt like, that it helped sometimes to play. Then I asked him if he was a musician.  He told me that he was in a choir. I asked him if he was from around the area, and he replied that he was just visiting, "helping a friend."
I didn't notice until then how my tears had dried up, how my heart had quit hurting.  I was smiling and happy. Oh, I was so tempted to ask him if he was an angel, but I was afraid if he wasn't, I would have been disappointed.
He told me to be careful while up on the mountain, as the other side was quite steep.  I knew this mountain well and said, yes, I would be careful.
Now, it took me about twenty minutes to get to where I was and the path was not an easy one to climb. As this "apparition" said his goodbyes, he made it to the bottom in seconds!  I watched as he walked away until I could not see him anymore.
Then I praised and thanked God, picked up my guitar, and instantly knew what I had to do about my situation. I was full of confidence that things were going to work out and that my mother was nearer to me there than when she was alive. 

 could 'almost' see her. I could feel her smiling. I still have moments when I choke up, especially on Mother's Day -- but the grief was replaced by the knowledge that God DOES hear our prayers and sometimes sends us "someone" to help us get through the tough times.

Ginger Supeck

Fifth Story

Dear Spirit Daily,

My name is Kathleen Beckman, coordinator of the Orange County Intercessors of the Lamb Cenacle and Orange County Chapter of Magnificat, a Ministry to Catholic Women. We met in Omaha (Bellwether) and Orange, California (St. Joseph's Radio/Follow Me Communications). 

On August 3, 2004, a group  of 28 people (Intercessors/Magnificat Team, including 4 priests and 2 seminarians) embarked on a pilgrimage to Ireland, Poland and Prague.  Our plane was delayed on take off at LAX because a flock of birds hit the engines and therefore, our connecting flight in Newark, New Jersey, took off just minutes prior to our group arriving at the gate.

It is unusual that Continental Airlines didn't hold the plane in Newark for a group of 28 people. Instead they required that we stay overnight in Newark and delay our trip to Dublin until August 4. We found ourselves in the Newark airport waiting for our accommodations to be worked out.  At around midnight we all gathered in a circle and began to pray and ask the Holy Spirit to shed light on this unusual situation. 

Right there, in the middle of that airport, we began to pray in the Spirit (tongues) and seek His counsel. 

The nation was on high alert for terrorists that night. The group, including the priests, received many images of threats to that area and we prayed against these. In the name of Jesus we claimed that area and New York as holy ground and implored the protection of ministering angels. 

I recalled that Maria Esperanza was in that area also.  I recalled my time with her in Betania at her home (on  pilgrimage with radio host Drew Mariani in December 2000).  I felt her presence as a blessing upon that area and our country.  I believe that her blessing upon our country and Church has only just begun to flower and "the rivers of light" that she prophesied about will indeed flow as she intercedes for us before the face of the Almighty. 

That night we interceded as the Spirit led us, as Mother Nadine Brown [a nun in Nebraska] had taught us so many years ago.  Was this all a coincidence?  I present it for your discernment.  May the Lord continue to bless you and your family.  Ave Maria!  Kathy Beckman

Sixth Story

Dear Spirit Daily,

I am a fairly new reader to your website.  A friend recommended this site to me about five months ago. Right away I was very interested in Maria Esperanza's life.

My older brother and I began talking about her and he bought the book Bridge to Heaven.  I intuitively knew there was something about Maria. Just looking at her pictures on your site made me smile (even when I was down). 

While she was alive, I had a dream about her. I do not remember the dream too well, but she was a maternal figure.  When she died, surprisingly, I took it very hard. Even though I had never met her or even seen her in person, I felt as if I knew her in my heart. 

The following day I went to church and we have a petition below that the father prays over during Mass. I wrote a special intention note specifically for her, even though I really had no doubt she was in Heaven. As I wrote down her name I smelled a quick swift aroma of roses. I thought somebody was walking by me with strong perfume. I looked up and there was nobody around.  Of course this is for your discernment, but I thought I would let you know.  I am sure you have received many e-mails like this! [editor's note: indeed]
Maria Nolasco

Seventh Story

Dear Spirit Daily,
Reading the story about the sun blinking on Aug. 7 brought to mind the passing of Marie Esperanza.  It was on the same day.  Do you think there could be a connection? Thanks for all your great news.  May God bless all your works to His glory.

Maryellen Ortiz,

Marco Island, Florida


Oct 2004

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