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We should never lose sight of the supernatural, because it not only exists but is greater and more real than the physical world around us. It is where our eyes should be focused. We get constant reports of miraculous happenings at the apparition site of Medjugorje in Bosnia-Hercegovina, which is currently under Vatican purview. Is this another?

"I am writing to you to share with you a recent experience while on pilgrimage," writes viewer Lisa Francis. "I recently traveled to Medjugorje from Toronto. We left Toronto on October 7, 2012, and returned home from Medjugorje on October 17, 2012.  During the final days of our pilgrimage one of the ladies from our group came running up to our room and knocked at our door just before midnight. She claimed that the 'Risen Christ' [a large bronze Corpus behind the church] was weeping. A few of us followed her and we quickly ran to the Cross to witness the weeping.
"We arrived at the risen Christ and were absolutely struck with awe when our eyes witnessed not only the knee of Our Lord weeping [as it has inexplicably for more than ten years now] but much more. From the crown of Jesus came small streams of tears. These tears ran from the crown of His head and trickled down Our Lord's cheeks, down His forehead, and seemed to gather on His upper chest.  All along Our Lord's outstretched arms there were many small streams of tears. These small streams continued down the length of Jesus' arms right up on to His hands. 
"Some of those present were able to feel the odd drop fall upon them as they prayed below. At one point I looked up at Our Lord's face, I was standing directly below Him close to His feet. I noticed a very large tear in the corner of His eye. The tear looked as though it could fall at any moment, but it remained in His eye throughout the whole time we were there.
"A little while later there appeared what looked like the beads of a rosary on the cheek of Our Lord.  At that moment, those present began to pray the Rosary and as each Hail Mary was spoken, each of the beads slowly disappeared.
"It was said that there were more than 10,000 people in Medjugorje that particular week. Initially there were only eleven of us who were at the foot of Jesus and a short time later another person joined us making twelve! There was not another person in sight. Shortly before three a.m.  a small group of pilgrims from Italy arrived. It was at that time that the tears that had appeared covering the head and arms of Jesus slowly seemed to dry up and disappear.
"More than what the Lord allowed us to witness visually on this night, was what He allowed us to feel in our hearts. The profound sadness and heaviness that each of us experienced will never be forgotten. The sadness that we experienced was nothing compared to the suffering Our Lord is and has experienced. For the little sadness that we were allowed to feel was enough that some of those present could not contain their heavy hearts and broke into silent tears. As much as I could imagine, it was as though we came as close to Gethsemane as the Lord would allow.  Because of our frailty, I feel that our Lord  only allowed us to experience this small amount of sadness, for if He allowed the full measure, I am sure most of us would not remain! 
"The following morning the statue of Our Lady in front of Saint James Church shed a tear down her cheek on the right side. You could see the glistening tear upon Our Lady's cheek and upper lip. Just recently one of the Medjugorje visionaries fell to pieces following an apparition.  We are told to 'pray, pray, pray.'"

Other times, the "miracles" are "small" (if there is any such thing as a small miracle!).

Wrote another viewer: "I am a retired single mom and I live with my mother who is eighty old. My least favorite thing about housework is washing dishes. I've had a devotion to St. Padre Pio for many years now, and I've been asking the Lord to send me some kitchen angels to help me wash dishes. It's amazing how I suddenly have all this energy and finish a big stack of dirty dishes in no time! Years ago I read 'Send Me Your Guardian Angel' by Father Alessio Parente, and loved how Padre Pio would tell us to pray and send our guardian angels to him for special favors. So for years, I've prayed to the Lord, asking to send my Guardian Angel to Padre Pio's Guardian Angel to go to (an example) my family physician's Guardian Angel to pray for a good medical checkup. When I do this, I'm usually content with the outcome."

Said yet another, Sharon Wagner of Dubois, Indiana: "So often you speak of our deceased family members and their interaction with us through God’s Grace in this world. This just happened recently to me, and I thought to share it with you. 

"On Sunday, September 30, 2012, my dad, Jerome, who passed away on Holy Thursday in 2009, at 4:00 in the afternoon, certainly made his presence known to me. His death on Holy Thursday, at the time of the Last Supper, is amazing in itself because for many years dad was in charge of arranging for people to be at Eucharistic Adoration at his Church.

"On that morning of September 30, after Holy Mass at St. Raphael’s Church in Dubois, Maria (my Down Syndrome daughter) and I stopped by the park in Dubois to pick up two chicken dinners from a fundraiser for a local girl who had been in a coma for several weeks. I decided that we would eat the chicken meals there at the park, but when we were finished, Maria had quite a bit of barbeque on her face and hands. I cleaned her up the best I could with the few napkins I had, and then thought I would take her back over to St. Raphael’s Church to wash her up with soap and water when we were done eating.

"As we drove near the church, I began to think that maybe I would instead just drive home and clean her up there and was having quite a 'tug-a-war' with this decision making, but when Maria saw the Church, she kept exclaiming 'Church! Church!'  I said okay, we will stop by Church and maybe make a Holy Hour before I take Maria to her Special Olympics bowling. 

"We came into the Church and Maria began to look through the children’s books in the lobby. I also began to look for a book to read while we visited My Jesus. I could not find the certain book that I was wanting to read, but kept looking. When I got to the bottom shelf of books, I saw one with the name “JEROME” in big letters on its spine. Of course, I thought of Poppa (my dad, Jerome). I took it and thought maybe I should learn a little more about St. Jerome since he was one of dad’s favorite saints. I also noticed near it a small book called 'The Lives of the Saints.' I thought maybe I would read a little synopsis about St. Jerome in that one first so I could get a head start on learning more about St. Jerome.

"When Maria and I sat down, I started the read about St. Jerome in the book of saints, and noticed across from his name was the date of his Feast Day … it said the date of St. Jerome’s Feast day was September 30  --  that very day! I was amazed, but this amazing event didn’t end there.

"I took that 'Jerome' book with me to work a couple of days ago so I could copy the spine as I wanted to always remember that day and knew I would have to return the book. 

"The Feast of St. Faustina (dad spent many of his last years passing out Sister Faustina’s book on the Divine Mercy and the Divine Mercy picture was on his holy card), I picked up the book to go copy the spine, but then started to put it back down as I was interrupted by something else. When I put it down, the book flipped open to the last page somehow.  I noticed writing on that page, so I picked it back up, and was shocked -  it was my dad's handwriting! The book used to belong to my dad! I couldn’t believe my eyes. And how that book got into the Library at St. Raphael’s Church is beyond me – and for me to even pick it out to read – is beyond me – and all on the Feast Day of St. Jerome, which I didn’t know -- and to discover his handwriting in this book on the Feast of St. Faustina!

"Dad couldn’t have made his love more visible to me."

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