Our Lady Weeps And Is Becoming Increasingly Sad 


from Vecernji-list in Bosnia-Hercegovina


MEDJUGORJE – The 25th anniversary of Our Lady’s apparitions will be marked in Medjugorje in less than three months. Six seers, who quarter of a century ago were just children, today are mature adults. Each one has established a family and, as 25 they did years ago on mount Podbrdo, all continue assert that Our Lady appears to them. From that day on, She continues to send Her messages to the world.


Six of the seers experienced the daily apparitions from 25th of June 1981 until Christmas of the following year. From that day on, they see Our Lady with varied intensity and in different ways. To this day, three of them continue to see Her daily, the other three periodically. Among the latter is Mirjana Dragičević-Soldo, who the day before yesterday, as on every 2nd of the month, met Our Lady again.


"Our Lady appears to me (in this way) since 1987. These apparitions are more like a prayer for those who not yet recognized God’s love. While much about the apparitions is same, lately I see Her very sad much more frequently. From time to time She even has tears streaming down her cheeks, in particular for those who still have not recognized God’s love. We are all Her children, the believers and unbelievers." Mirjana, who after this apparition appeared  quite drained, said,  “It is extremely painful for me each time I see her profound sadness, as I did on this occasion.”


Our Lady also appears to Mirjana on the 18th of March, her birthday. However, Our Lady does not do that because it happens to be a date of her birth. Mirjana said that the symbolism of these particular apparitions, just as those at the beginning of each month, will some day become very clear.


Is there something in this symbolism which could be taken as a hint at something in one of the ten secrets which have been revealed to the seers?  In fact, Mirjana’s role in this is singular. All the seers know the secrets entrusted to them. However, Mirjana also has in her possession a parchment (made of an unknown substance) on which all the secrets are inscribed. When will the secrets be revealed to the world? Except for the seers, no one else knows. However, what is know is the name of the person who will disclose them. According to Mirjana’s own selection, that person shall be Fra. Petar Ljubičić.


This priest will disclose the secrets’ contents three days before each being fulfilled. In other words, before the event contained in a particular secret actually occurs. Until now, the most intriguing of the secrets continues to be the third one, the one pertaining to a great, mysterious sign. This secret refers to a sign that Our Lady  will leave for the world to see, in order to confirm the authenticity of Her apparitions. The sign will be visible, permanent and indestructible.


Of the three, for already number of years, Ivanka-Ivanković-Elez and Jakov Čolo also no longer experince daily apparitions.


The three remaining ones, who for the past 25 years continue to have a daily encounters with Our Lady, they no longer have Medjugorje as their primary residence. Ivan Dragičević lives with his spouse in the United States and only spends a portion of each year in his native place of birth. Included in his family residence is also a tiny chapel where Our Lady appears to him. Marija Pavlović-Lunetti resides with her spouse in Italy from where on every 25th of each month she relays to the world Our Lady’s messages. The most prominent among all of them is Vicka Ivanković-Mijatović, now married and residing in the neighbouring hamlet of Krehin Gradac.



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