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A Blue Butterfly In Massachusetts

Photo taken at Medway, Massachusetts 1994.  A group of people were gathered praying by the steam when this butterfly arrived and began flying amongst those praying. Eventually, the butterfly flew across the trickling stream and began to land at various spots. I had a throw away camera and gingerly staggered across the little rocky dam. I was able to take eight photos as the butterfly landed at different spots.

This is the last photo which I was able to take before the blue butterfly flew away.

The butterfly landed on a certain spot which I like to think is over the heart of Jesus. After reviewing the photos I notice a facial image just above the left wing of the butterfly. Without injecting the power of suggestion, I just mention this as you will probably be able to see the outline of a face, eyes, nose, lips, and the shoulders outline. The butterfly seems to have landed right on the heart location of the figure. As you well know , Maria Esperanza found a rock there at the site, noting lips, nose, eyes, with a facial outline and the possibility of a crown of thorns [in the 1990s]. I had a photographer crop the photo, enlarging it, so as to better see the facial outline (which could very well be described as the face of Christ with a blue butterfly landing on the area of his heart).

I'm sending it to you, once again, so that you can add it to your collection of phenomenal photos.

I'll be sending you two more interesting photos which were also taken at the Medway site in 1994.

God Bless,
Roger Brissette

Note: a mysterious blue butterfly often appears at  apparition site of Betania in Venezuela, which is also associated with mystic Maria Esperanza]

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