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Humidity Caused Alleged Images


Dear Spirit Daily:


My personal Eucharistic miracle captured in a picture:


It happened on the ninth of September 2000, here in my city in Mérida Yucatán, México. In my room, besides the air conditioner, I had a poster of Christ of the Divine Mercy, a cheap-big poster covered by a soft plastic. Well, the plastic was broken and where I live the air conditioning introduces vapor from the outside into the room (because Yucatan has a lot of humidity) and this forms inside the plastic cover of the poster like…"clouds" of vapor, humidity, with usually NO FORM at all.


One week before the miracle  I made a decision to do one week or more on water/bread fasting. The breakfast was normal, with a lot of food yet lunch and dinner: only water and bread. I usually want to make this kind of fasting but the pressures of life make me keep eating delicious tacos.


But that was a great week of fasting and penance. I always pray the Rosary, so I think Our Lady was involved in this because it happened on a Saturday.  I prayed well that afternoon and decided to go to Confession. I went to Confession at the “Church of Jesus,” the most beautiful church-temple in Mérida.  When I finished my Confession I decided to go to Mass in the Cathedral of Saint Ildenphonsus, the cathedral of Mérida and the oldest cathedral in the American continent. I attended Mass and went home.


So, when I entered my room I decided to take a shower. I left the air conditioning on because the day was too hot. After the shower I was dressing when I just started looking at the poster of Jesus. I have talked to that Jesus so many times ! And by looking at Jesus I saw something unusual:  inside the poster, under the plastic, a well-formed circle of white humidity from arm to arm covering the head of the Jesus.  I kept looking at it and I saw that this has never happened before: the cloud of humidity had a perfect circular form, almost completely white, perfectly situated in the middle of Christ, from arm to arm (or better said: from hand to hand) covering the Head, as I said again, perfectly situated with its center in the middle of the Divine Mercy figure.


Then I realized what was happening. I live the principle of “nothing is coincidence, everything is providence.” I realized that that was nothing but a HOST, a Consecrated  Host image, of course. A well-circled white host. Like those big hosts the Pope uses in some of his big Masses.


Then I got incredibly excited, incredibly happy. In Mexico we have the healthy custom of living with our parents  in the same house before we get married. I told my mom and dad and they came to see it. I told them the story of the one-week fast, the Confession, the Mass and Communion.  And how this immediately happened after I did all that. My parents agreed with me that it was a sign from God. I told it to the married couple, servants, who work here and live with us. He, the husband who is Catholic, believed. She, the wife, is an Adventist and looked at the miracle with such strange eyes!! Her eyes were kind of red when she saw it. Yes. There was a very strange look in her face! She is still not a Catholic, but I am sure that thing made her feel kind of mad. It was too strange that something like this happened.


And the "Host of humidity" was above the center of the image, where usually the clouds form small and big without any form at all. Of course I took a picture of it. But there were more surprises! When I revealed the picture:


-Part of the Host disappeared so you could see in the picture the face of Jesus. You can see now that Jesus transforms himself in the Host, or the Host transforms itself into Jesus. But in the poster the Host was complete, forming a perfect circle.


-I gave a copy to my parish priest, Father García, in the Church of María Immaculata. (By the way in this church was married the famous ex-Dodger pitcher Fernando Valenzuela). He said he believed in it and he noticed that the Jesus was carrying a little lamb in his back, like in the pictures!! You can very clear see His face, the head of the lamb and its foot!!


-I took the picture to school to show it to trusting people, and of course I had to show it to more people than I expected.


-One friend that almost hates the Catholic Church saw the face of the Child Jesus in the actual face of the merciful Jesus in the picture. He could not explain. He saw it and I did not !!


-The next day I noticed something incredible: in the center if the Christ, almost at the place of the side-wound , there was a chalice!! I jumped in joy when I saw it.


-Another thing was that the camera with which I took the picture had a problem, so more light entered into the picture. And with the double reflection of flash, it performed like other clouds of fire, inside the picture, so it makes it look very special. Again: nothing is coincidence, everything is providence.


I want to remark that this miraculous picture looks like those images that appeared in Our Lady of Guadalupe´s eyes. Check  a web site of Our lady of Guadalupe and see it for yourself.


So if anyone is interested in seeing it, just send me your email and I will send it to you.


Thanks for reading and Happy New Year!!! 

Miguel Faller Campos

January 2004

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