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Spiritual 'Prompts' There Are, Including Worry Over Strangely Missing Animals

The case of the missing honeybees continues, with no resolution yet to this potentially jarring mystery.

Across North America and Europe beekeepers report a huge plunge in the activity at their hives, but can find few if any telltale carcasses. Theories hold that it's the result of everything from mites, hive beetles, a new generation of pesticides, or even use of cell phones (interfering with a bee's navigational senses).

Whatever the case, the bees are joining many other animals -- countless members of God's Creation -- that are rapidly disappearing from the face of the earth.

Tigers, rhinos, chimps, elephants, gorillas, hippos, and some types of panthers and whales can now be counted in the dozens in what seems like another "sign of the times."

In India, birds are missing in a way that has baffled residents.

Across North America, at least 25 percent of crows have vanished (this perhaps due to West Nile virus).

"Gone are the days when people considered sparrow nests in their homes as a good omen," cried a website in India. "Other causes include the widespread use of packaged rice grain which leaves little hope for insects and pests -- the favorite food of the sparrows. Even unleaded petrol is not helping the cause, which apparently is so 'eco-friendly' that it is killing small insects and thereby depriving food for the sparrows."

They're calling it the "case of the missing sparrows." A sudden drop in the number of birds and insects (other than bees) has been reported elsewhere. "The mosquitoes, fruit flies, and bugs have not materialized here in Mahopac, New York, about fifty miles north of New York City," wrote one concerned resident recently. "It has been hot, humid, and there is a swamp and stream in the backyard. After sitting outside again this evening, we finally noticed the absence of these pests. It is a bit strange; are we the only ones noticing?"

Those numbers should return to a level that makes bugs more noticeable as summer kicks in. But there's no question many animals -- mainstays of the human diet -- are in some way stressed or threatened, including an estimated eighty percent of oceanic fish species.

In the Mediterranean, experts say the blue tuna is headed for extinction.

These "signs of the times" may be attributable to over-fishing, use of artificial chemicals (which are now found in every corner of the world, and every species of fish), fertilizers, climate shifts, and perhaps trends that are more mysterious.

In the case of bees, one researcher theorizes that the cause may be pesticides called neonicotinioids which damage an insect's nervous and olfactory systems (its memory, motor activity, and smell, inhibiting its means of navigation back to its hive).

The irony: bees are crucial to the pollination of the very plants (orchard fruits, berries, and other crops) upon which the pesticides are being used! One third of all plants we eat depend on bees, whose colonies have been reported in major collapse in at least 25 states. (The exception: colonies that are organic.)

These too are signs. Other scientists have found organs that are strangely blackened in those few bee carcasses that have been dissected. Thousands of chemicals are now used in the United States, some in the hives themselves. More than ninety percent of humans harbor industrial chemicals in their blood and fatty tissue, especially the breasts.

It is like nature is in rebellion as similar effects are being noted around the world.

The question for many: Could the use of such chemicals -- many also suspected of causing cancer in humans (and miscarriages in pregnant women) -- be in God's Plan? While the focus of human evil has been on abortion, crime, and sexual sin -- and rightfully so -- might the abuse and disruption of nature also play into events expected in prophetic circles?

Along with others, they are issues explored at length in Tower of Light -- which is based on two prophecies with surprisingly far-reaching statements about modern technology.

This is territory that must be approached with caution because those involved with the New Age or the drive for a single world government are using environmentalism as a reason for dissolving borders. They would also like to form a global "eco-religion" based on Mother Nature. In short, ecological protection, long held by Rome as a Christian cause, and indicated many times in the Bible, has been hijacked by those from the far left with a proclivity for nature worship.

But distress there is. The main prophecy on which the book is based cites "fundamental errors" in the way modern life has progressed -- claiming that this was stated by Jesus in a recent revelation and that the artificial aspects of the world are on the verge of being broken down, especially the unreported horrors of human genetic manipulation. 

Many are feeling the same in the Spirit.

"I have been seeing many articles on the disappearing bees and scientists have been trying to point the finger at viruses and other aspects of true nature," noted a viewer. "I find it interesting and perhaps intentional that scientists are not pointing their fingers at themselves. 

"Here's my point. The scientific community has been going at great lengths to alter the genetics of plants. If  plants that are pollen producing and require pollination have been genetically altered,  then do you think that the little tiny bodies of these bees cannot tolerate these alterations and this might be the cause of their demise?"

Gail H. E. Ramplen of University of Stellenbosch in New Zealand quotes an alleged Australian seer as claiming she "was about to use the microwave when suddenly my angel said: Child of God, do not use this machine, for it changes the food to make it dangerous to the body. I am here to guard you from the entangling snares of this world through the wisdom of God. (Read Peter 2:20: "For if after they have escaped the pollutions of the world through the knowledge of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ ..."). The harmony with nature is mangled with the use of this tool. You can hear me more clearly today, for you have the ears of fasting. Fasting brings the body to suffering, resulting in a closer union with the Lord Almighty, who imparts to you now the truth of this machine through His Spirit upon me."

Whatever the truth of that "prompt" (granted during Lent in the early 1990s, around the time of the Tower prophecy), the Vatican is urging a new sensitivity to the environment and installing solar energy.  Both Benedict XVI and John Paul II have emphasized the importance of animals, which John Paul said had "the spark of God."

At the famous apparition site of Medjugorje, the Blessed Mother warned that Satan was trying to destroy the nature around us.

Or is what's happening all the Hand of God, in the cycles of nature?

"Sudden [bee colony collapse] is not caused by cell phones albeit the electro-magnetic soup on our planet is not helping any life forms," one researcher claims. "Cell phones have been around for 20-plus years and we would have certainly begun seeing signs of this years ago, not all at once now. Many scientist believe pesticides are the cause, but this too is over simplified. Of course, they don't help -- they are just not the primary cause.

"The primary cause of colony collapse is related to our increased solar activity as we continue to near the gravitational wave of the galactic equinox scheduled for 2012. This wave, which emanates from the black hole in the center of our Milky Way, perturbs the sun, causing it to react with stronger ultra-violet rays and X-class flares, which, in turn, shower our solar system with trillions upon trillions of more charged particles than normal. This in turn reacts with the core of our planet, resulting in 'global warming' -- not just the earth's but the other planets in the system as well. 

"It is recorded as far back as the first century that Jesus of  Nazareth told his disciples the signs of the coming of the end of the age. It is clear from this vantage point that He knew the science of our sun, the mechanics of our universe, and how the whole symphony played together to effect our planet ( i.e. famines, pestilence, earthquakes in diverse places, etc.) at this very key time."

We will leave for your determination how "key" our times are. It is not the "end." It is the end of an era -- according to the Tower prophecy, the end of the hyper-technological era. Many are those who point out that widely reported sun "miracles" may be a spiritual metaphor for huge changes in nature.

"The seasons will be altered, the earth will produce nothing but bad fruit," said a famous prophecy from LaSalette, France, which correctly foresaw disease, a crop failure, and famine in northern Europe. "Nature is asking for vengeance because of man, and she trembles with dread at what must happen to the earth stained with crime. Tremble, earth, and you who proclaim yourselves as serving Jesus Christ and who, on the inside, only adore yourselves, tremble for God will hand you over to His enemy, because the holy places are in a state of corruption."

The prediction of a "strange rumbling" plays a part, ironically, in the Tower prophecy -- which also foresees an unusual light and the end not of the world but of an era -- a stage in history.

Major change -- good change, but perhaps startling change -- is coming.

How soon? No one knows. It is close but no one knows how close "close" is.

Rumblings. Prompts. Time moves. We ignore it at our own cost.

"I'm convinced of the authenticity of the prophecy, and part of the reason for that, is that as I sat reading the book during lunch, in a Wendy's parking lot, I felt a constant trembling sensation," commented a reader with a scientific bent from Texas. "It was as if the earth was hollow beneath me, and was rumbling. When I put the book away, it stopped."

It was another prompt. Should we really indulge in prophetic matters?

"You may have noticed in today’s Office of Readings… the second reading from St. Basil, on the Holy Spirit, makes the following reference, 'from the Spirit comes foreknowledge of the future…'" wrote a viewer on May 22. "An interesting reference to the prophetic element of the Church, something which he clearly understood, and which, as we know, has been all but abandoned from the pulpit."


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