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The Gift of Tears

Stunned' Trump foes face limited options

Showdown day, North Carolina

World leaders scale back criticisms of Trump

'Getaway' car sought in NY shooting of priest

Half-mile-wide tornado in Colorado

What L.A. quake would look like

Clinton-Trump match-up has Catholic leaders scrambling

Occult watch: inside a voodoo convent

When saturated fats are sometimes healthy

'Healthy' foods that may not be so healthy


Major Fatima movie set

'Thank you, mothers!'

A crash course in miracles

Calumny and distraction

Retreat (Michael Brown): Cherry Hill, New Jersey

Special report (new): can mystics really see afterlife states of famous people?

In Nicaragua, a man who saw Mary became a priest

A prayer to the Holy Spirit

Messages from apparition take on a new tone

Spirit Daily pilgrimage, Guadalupe, September

Sporadic statue desecration: is it a harbinger?

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When God shows Himself in light

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Retreat announced for Moodus, Ct.

Donations: we need and appreciate it!

Are 'white lies' stopping you from being Christ-like?

Creating a 'devil-free' zone

And the nation with fastest growing Christian population is...?

Video: a seer in ecstasy

At Catholic colleges, 'lavender' graduations for homosexuals

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