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Our Lady of Prompt Succor

Archives: protection of Mary against storms

Blessing against storms

Why is September 8 Mary's birthday?


'Special Report' (new); the nature of one 'secret'?

Is it the long-feared 'big one'?

Mexico hit by big earthquake

'Irma' weakens a bit   Live updates


Latest tracks

What about Mar-a-Lago?

Residents flee Florida, Georgia

Now massive sunspots

Nuclear plants in the crosshairs

Disney World, Universal still operating

Look at the fires!

Foods that (allegedly) reverse aging

Free hurricane preparedness e-book

New and recommended

Archives: the Hurricane Madonna

How to tell when the devil is attacking

Why is September 8 Mary's birthday?

The enemy aims for your family and remedy is 'fervent' prayer

A prediction of great ocean storms


Due to storm, website may lag in updates

Pope begins Colombia trip


Papal updates

Bishops lash DACA decision as 'malicious'

Another 'Dubia' cardinal dies; just two left

The lighter side: 'I'm not your friend, kid!'

Michael H. Brown retreat in Omaha


Pilgrimage to Medjugorje; new -- with extension for retreat with Father Jozo

Need a breakthrough? The 'Daniel Fast'

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Holy Land with Michael H. Brown


Donations (new): we need and appreciate it!

Mysterious purple spots on 'secret' Vatican parchment

Bannon hits Church


Bishops lash back

The power of gratitude

The plastic invasion

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