Woman who survived encounter with bear says she heard Jesus

Upheaval watch: supremacist is suspect in Kansas shootings

Pope celebrates Palm Sunday Mass


'Look into your hearts'

Blood moon watch

Satanism tops Namibian teachers' conference

Another quake in Nicaragua

More on that upsurge in the 'Ring of Fire'

Ukraine threatens military moves

How Mickey Rooney's encounter with angel led to his faith

Satanic 'temple' launches campaign to let kids pray for the devil

At Disney, only thing censored is God (ad autoplay)

The running priest (Yahoo)

Is this real: a 1,300-year-old tattoo of Archangel Michael?

Prayer need: seven dead babies found in house

Good foods for diabetics

Now forecasters call for less active season

By His stripes: an amazing healing

Philly 'bombshell': evidence may exonerate accused priests

'Church must rediscover mysticism'

Carrying the Cross with Simon

Pontiff to surgeons: don't lose sight of spiritual dimension

Pope warns in blunt terms about devil

The saint who lived in the ruins of the Colosseum

Purgatory: forgiveness versus 'expiation'

The last battle and holy death of Saint Gemma

Announcing a retreat in Philadelphia-New Jersey area

Pope to Catholic universities: you're not there to produce theologians

The anxiety age

Imitation of Christ: the last end

Prayer Room  Meditation: saints of the day  Mass readings  Mary's Messages Homily of the Day  Vatican Video

The Pope, clergy, and spending

Souls in hell

Breaking Lenten fasts

Pope blasts 'narrow-mindedness'

Shakespeare and Catholicism

The Lazarus effects

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