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Planned Parenthood activists hurt by 'runaway grand jury'

Mass shooting planned at Masonic temple

Trump backs Fox down

Analysis: 'But will still dominate debate'

Fox statement

New show: Fox TV and Satan's lure

Wife of pastor released from Syria files domestic case against him

Operation Rescue: indictment of video team was a set up

Huckabee: it's a sad day in America

Argentina: a plague of locusts

Brazil: that plague called Zika

Trump and the fate of Nikabrik

The inside story of the turnpike Mass


Watch Communion

Another NFL player found to have died from brain injury

Iranian leader meets Pope

Doomsday clock remains unchanged

What's in conventional toothpaste


Saint Paul - Guido ReniPope's 'commemoration' of Reformation carries potential but also danger

Pope to rich: help the poor or risk hell

Holy Father: patch up family issues

More on California mystic

At various turns in life, God often unexpectedly shows Himself

Retreat and Mass, Florida, February 13: signs of the times, spiritual warfare, healing, prophecy

Old Fatima basilica to reopen

Are your decisions born of fear or love?

Beware the lure of materialism

A nightly examination of conscience

Special Report (new): Were ancient peoples granted preview of coming disasters, purification, peace?

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Donations: we need and appreciate it!

Supporters rally behind whistleblower priest

Will Trump dump pro-lifers?

The epidemic of pornography in the Church

For the spiritually paralyzed

'Pray more and complain less'

Ditching health insurance for this alternative

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