It's not the end of the world, says Mother Angelica, it's a 'purification' -- but will be dire if cloning continues

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The world's most well-known living nun says we have entered a period that will see major events as a "purification" -- not the end of the world.

The remarks were made during the past week by Mother Angelica of Hanceville, Alabama, on the network she founded, EWTN-TV -- which now reaches every country via cable, satellite, internet, or short-wave radio (including China).

On her show March 27 Mother Angelica referred to earthquakes and other recent happenings like the blackouts in California. "That's the funniest thing I ever heard," she said. "Hollywood gets its lights shut off. I think it's a lesson for everyone."

Balancing humor with serious warnings, the famous nun -- seen by many as the most influential Catholic in America -- issued a special warning about cloning and expressed horror over reports that Australians have created a human-pig embryo for research purposes. She called such experimentation "the greatest abomination and insult you could possibly give to God."

"We're doing the kinds of things that Lucifer did. I don't think the Eternal Father is going to wait much longer. I don't think He's going to blow up the whole world -- no. There's no indication that the world as such is going to end, that there would be the end of the world now. What's going to end is this evil time. There's a big difference. I think we need to wake up, though -- when we have the arrogance and pride and coldness to experiment with pigs and take something made to the image and likeness of God; you can't mix that with a pig." 

The nun, also abbess and foundress of Our Lady of the Angels Monastery, had said in previous shows that "God has a right to say 'enough.'" "We all know that our dear Lord has to intervene in history," she told her audience last week. Asked about the Pope's famous admonishment, "Be not afraid," she said he was referring to courage in the face of the challenges of life in our time and was not telling us everything is fine.     

"We're going from bad to worse," she said in a show that has sparked wide interest. "We're not to be afraid of those kinds of things. We are to trust in God to the point that no matter what happens, humility tells us we deserve it. Love tells us He will take care [of us]. His providence rises before the dawn. His mercy will always forgive us. When our Holy Father says, 'be not afraid,' it's not a license to goof off. What he's talking about is, do not be afraid of the consequences we must pay for our sins.  And that's what our Holy Father means -- don't be afraid to fight against abortion." She added that "there is a wonderful gift from the Spirit called 'fear of the Lord.' It has nothing to do with being scared. It has to do with being loving: 'I don't want to hurt my Father.'"

Now also foundress of a new shrine, the Temple of the Most Blessed Sacrament in Hanceville (where many report special graces), Mother Angelica said she wasn't sure when events would peak -- whether soon or by the end of the century -- but believes they have already begun. 

Asked about a prophecy that the current Pope would be the last pope, she replied, "This Pope is Our Lady's pope. He will usher us into whatever it is we need to survive the passing of evil and [bring us to] Our Lady's triumph. I think what was meant was that this is the last Pope before the warning and chastisements. After that I'm sure there will not only be other popes but very holy ones. I think the Church will be more vibrant, alive, and holy than it's ever been in its 2,000-year history. I think they'll be more peace in the world than has ever been before. I think we will love each other. I think we may be smaller, who knows? I think we may not have all these little gadgets and things you push and pull. We did without them before and we were happy. The things we depend upon now we may not have."

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