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Insights into how and what God heals are sometimes afforded us by those who have crossed the "veil" and returned.

Such incidents go back in the literature to Plato (see The Republic) and Pope Gregory the Great.

And what they show is that if God wants you back -- if it's not yet "your time," if you still have work to do -- He can surmount any physical barrier. He can cure anything. He can bring a person back to full health after incipient rigor mortis!

Even a body ravaged by cancer is "fixable."

There are documented cases.

Nothing is "dead" to God.

Sometimes, those who are clinically "dead" are given a choice of whether to move forward or return. Notes one author in this realm, Dr. Jeffrey Long of Louisiana (in a book called Evidence of the Afterlife), "As a physician, I am fascinated by near-death-experience accounts suggesting unexpected healings. One thing I can be certain of from my research is that the possibility of inexplicable healings deserves more attention in near-death research than it has received."

An example:

"Anita is from Hong Kong and was dying from stage-4 Hodgkin's lymphoma. To say she was dying is no exaggeration: the senior cancer doctor gave her thirty-six hours to live. Anita became unconscious. She had an out-of-body experience and was able to see her doctor talking to her husband about forty feet down the hall outside her room. She later verified her out-of-body observations with her husband, who was 'shocked.' The healing associated with her near-death experience is among the most dramatic ever reported.

"Anita tells what happened:

"'I was made to understand that, as tests had been taken for my organ functions (and the results were not out yet), that if I chose life, the results would show that my organs were functioning normally. If I chose death, the results would show organ failure as the cause of death, due to cancer. I was able to change the outcome of the tests by my choice!

"'I made my choice, and as I started to wake up (in a very confused state, as I could not at that time tell which side of the veil I was on), the doctors came rushing into the room with big smiles on their faces, saying to my family, 'Good news -- we got the results, and her organs are functioning  -- we can't believe it!  Her body really did seem like it had shut down!'

"'After that, I began to recover rapidly. The doctors had been waiting for me to become stable before doing a lymph node biopsy to track the type of cancer cells, and they could not even find a lymph node big enough to suggest cancer. (Upon entering the hospital my body was filled with swollen lymph nodes.) They did a bone marrow biopsy, again to find the cancer activity so they could adjust the chemotherapy according to the disease, and there wasn't any in the bone marrow. The doctors were very confused but put it down to me suddenly responding to the chemo. Because they themselves were unable to understand what was going on, they made me undergo test after test, all of which I passed with flying colors, and clearing every test empowered me even more! I had a full body scan, and because they could not find anything, they made the radiologist repeat it again!

"'Because of my experience, I am now sharing with everyone I know that miracles are possible in your life every day. After what I have seen, I realize that absolutely anything is possible, and that we did not come here to suffer. Life is supposed to be great and we are very, very loved. The way I look at life has changed dramatically and I am so glad to have been given a second chance to experience 'heaven on earth.'"

There is also the account of the Florida man who was in the hospital for blood clots -- in his lungs.

He had a "15-percent chance of surviving."

During the night, hovering close to death, he had a near-death episode.

"When I arrived forty-five minutes later at the regional hospital, and the expert began running X-rays and other tests, he called the doctor, very frustrated. The doctor quoted him as saying, 'Doctor, you send me a dying boy needing surgery, and I'll be [darned] if I can find a thing wrong with him!'

The doctor was floored.

"Later during my follow-up visits after being released from ICU, the doctor kept repeating that he saw no alternative but to call this a miracle from God!"

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