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Was last week's display of the northern lights a sign of 'anguish among the nations'?

@Spirit Daily

         It says in Luke that there would be signs in the sun, moon, and stars (21:25), and for the past decade we've been seeing exceptional solar activity, mainly in the way of increased dark areas called sunspots and now in the way of mass ejections that have caused tremendous displays of the aurora borealis, better known as the "northern lights." They have been seen as shimmering curtains of yellow, green, and blood-red during the last week. Although initially visible only in places like Alaska, by last weekend they were seen in a spectacular way from California to Kansas, Georgia, and Texas.

         It was the result of a geomagnetic storm on the sun that hit the "severe" category on March 31 -- the most intense emission in a decade and by some standards in half a century. So large was a solar flare on Monday that space weather forecasters had to estimate its intensity at X-22 -- on a scale that goes only to X-20.

         According to scientists, current changes in the sun may account for much of global warming -- the current swerves in climate. Prophetically, they may also be omens. It was precisely a display of the northern lights on the night of January 25-26, 1938, that Lucia dos Santos, the sole surviving seer from Fatima, said was the "great sign" prophesied by the Blessed Mother in 1917 -- a sign that mankind was about to be chastised by war. So pronounced were the lights that Portuguese peasants went screaming through villages fearing the end of the world. In London residents thought Windsor Castle was afire. According to The New York Times, they watched as two magnificent arcs of light rose in the east and west, "from which radiated pulsating beams like searchlights in dark red, greenish blue, and purple.".

         The "aurora" was swiftly followed by Japanese aggression and the rise in Germany of Hitler to war minister. A year later the Germans invaded Poland; France and England declared war.

         It was the beginning of World War II, and the lights that foresaw it -- that appeared in the night skies just a month before Hitler annexed Austria -- were also described as "a shimmering curtain of fire" and huge "blood-red" beams -- terms eerily similar to what was described this week, when the Associated Press wrote of "shimmering colors" rippling across the heavens and an observer in Albuquerque described the color he saw as "blood red." 

         Moreover, while the lights themselves were not as intense as in 1938, and while it thus seemed only a pre-sign (part of a more gradual build-up), the geomagnetic event that generated the lights may have been a once-in-fifty-year event -- just as the "great sign" of 1938 was likewise described as the most brilliant display of the aurora in at least half a century.

         That display had affected areas like LaSalette (where there had been prophecies of war and great natural disasters), and was seen as far west as New York, Ohio, and Canada. But here we come to a key difference: Where the 1938 display was focused around the Atlantic -- and specifically in Europe, where war would soon break out -- the recent display was seen by looking to the west -- toward the Pacific and Russia and China.

         Is there meaning in this?

         If we take it from Luke, signs in the sun and the moon and the stars (there was also a brief eclipse last month) are followed by "anguish" among the nations. 

         You can interpret that anyway you want.

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