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So much is transpiring. What can we see as having prophetic significance -- and what not? There is no doubt that prophecies we have posted on the West turning into a third-world status seem to continue unfolding in the way of economic rumblings that foretell future financial shocks.

The weather gyrates like Wall Street. The world remains with eyes wide shut. Without prayer, blinders remain in place. On the "upheaval" front, the "occupy" and "tea party" movements have touched the nerve of rebellion that is rising in the bellies of many nations and will continue to rise; they come at the same time we see these flash-mobs ransacking 7-Elevens and other businesses and at a time when everyone seems fed up with everyone else. In Cairo -- in the Middle East -- the kettle will froth over.

There are websites like "secondcomingwarning" and others that gain in popularity and have not yet provided any substantiation yet continue to intrigue many who know in their own spirits that whatever the specificity of certain prophecies (and specificity often discredits such predictions), the general tenor -- coming change -- is a shared one.

"I was lying down reading Our Lady of Kibeho just a few minutes ago when I felt what I am pretty sure was an earthquake," noted a viewer from St. Louis.

This is a general tenor: that Our Blessed Mother is here to tell us we will be shaken up by future events.

There is certainly a divide between cerebral or pedantic Catholics and mystical ones. Do we see too many "signs"?

Some things seem pointedly timed. We live at a moment in history when the veil is thin. At church, some see what seem like unusual orbs of lights, which can represent something good or evil, as with most purported phenomena (an orb of light carried the Blessed Mother at LaSalette), when spiritual phenomena they really are (and not lens reflections).

ABC News is carrying this photo of a beam of light with orbs shining on famous fallen soldier's loyal dog.

Meantime the photo at the top left of this page was taken at the shrine of St. Anne de Beaupre in Canada. "One photo is the only image from this trip that had an unusual image in it, in fact it had three, two of which are to the upper right of two different statues," said a viewer named Mike who sent it. "Iíve wondered if the three are the same three images from the first occasion but all in one photo. They have similar qualities. The last photo is from the next visit in 2011 and is the only one with an image, again to the upper right. If you look closely or zoom in it contains gold sections amongst the blue/green colors. I read an article after praying about the meaning that referenced Ezekiel 1:15 as a possible explanation. Ezekiel 1:15 is a pretty good description of the first photo I think (the color of beryl -- turquoise -- rings within rings, full of eyes: zoom in. Perhaps the message is  'thank you for coming to my shrine for so long and I and my angels are with you!' I have no further discernment, but have found the photos to be very edifying as have others. I hope you do also."

What can we do but respect sincerity? (The photo above right, with all the orbs, is at a church service in Connecticut. You discern. Many think they see images at tabernacles [above, left]). To say this is controversial territory is of course an understatement.

"I was astonished by what I saw in your article this morning entitled 'What's this in the sky?' through this link," wrote viewer Patrick Donnelly -- referring to strange images in the sky (at least at first glance) that are seen when one uses Google Street View for an address (8877 Quarten) in Switzerland. "I ran a print screen of this picture through Photoshop, and this is what I came up with (see left and right). I also used the Google map to move closer to the tunnel and look up from there and the second picture is of this. I inverted the photo, and played with the curves to see if I could make it clearer. This was an awesome link that shows the Power of God. I believe this is a picture of the Jesus and angels, and in front of them are three smaller figures that appear to be praying.  You can tell this is not fake. On these maps it's possible to move through the tunnel using the Google map technology. When you put the cursor on the road a circle will appear, and if you click that spot you will move towards it. Follow it through the tunnel its a long way so stick with it. When you come out on the other side of the tunnel , turn around and look up above the tunnel and you will see the image again, but a bit differently. See attached other side of tunnel. This now looks like Jesus and an angel, with the Blessed Mother between them. God Bless us all!"

The image was first discussed on Google, Yahoo and other like discussion boards, then was reported on by Gawker last year and has sparked Internet fascination ever since, says radio host Glenn Beck's website. "The latest wave of discussion over the image occurred in August of this year and appears to be happening again.

"So what have people attributed this anomaly to? Most speculation surrounds something like that of God or even Death and a young girl, which some have liked to Mario Bros. Princess Peach.

"Some more realistic speculations have included a smudge on the camera, a bird, or the blending of two images, such as a tree branch, together."

Lastly, in our little "odds and ends," let us note those who claim an orb was witnessed during the Japanese tsunami? Nearly a year ago, one was photographed by several witnesses over the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Occult watch? Does an orb near another dog [on pillow, left] have an image like Guadalupe -- oddly enough? Real? Refraction? Mockery?

If nothing else, technology, and certainly the internet, have made life more interesting.

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