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A couple weeks ago we ran a short notice announcing that a seer from Medjugorje had made a special request for prayers for the Pope. The request was framed in a way that seemed unusual. In private, the seer wondered what it meant that the Virgin (who had apparently spurred this suggestion) had made such a request.

A week later, we ran several stories about Ned Dougherty, a former New York nightclub owner who claims he was warned about a terrorist attack on the Vatican during a near-death experience. Dougherty, who says he was shown future events by the Virgin Mary, believes the threat remains.

Then, this morning, we see international reports of concern that Bin Laden's men might strike the Pope in retaliation for the bombing during the Muslim holy time of Ramadan -- and to complete an assassination attempt that failed in 1995. 

We carried a similar report from ABC News several days ago and we urge people to pray. We think the threat is real. Already, undercover police are dressing as priests at the Vatican and trucks heading into Rome are being searched. We can only imagine the appalling tragedy -- too dreadful to visualize -- of damage to St. Peter's or the Pope or both.

As we have previously reported [see story], in 1995 an attempt to murder His Holiness was miraculous thwarted when one of the terrorists accidentally started a fire while mixing chemicals for the bombing. This was in Manila, and in the hideout police found clerical robes (indicating the terrorists were going to disguise themselves as priests), as well as a Bible, a Crucifix, a map, and the Pope's itinerary. 

Former CIA counterterrorism chief Vince Cannistraro, an ABCNEWS consultant, claimed to an Italian newspaper this weekend that Bin Laden was virtually certain to attempt another attack over the holidays. Cannistraro, who also advises the Vatican on security, said the Pope has been and remains a prime target for Bin Laden.

"He looks at the pope as the symbolic head of the crusaders and a natural target," Cannistraro says.

The mastermind of the 1995 plot was Ramzi Youssef, who was also behind the first attempt in 1994 by terrorists to destroy the World Trade Center -- a project they followed up on with terrible result on September 11. "I am quite sure that there are still some of them in Italy," says Rodolfo Ronconi, an Interpol official in Italy.

There is official concern the Pope, even behind the heavily guarded walls of Vatican City, could again be a target in the coming holiday season, particularly given the increasing military pressure on Bin Laden, says Ananova news service -- and indeed a strange airplane event occurred in Rome shortly after September 11.

Dougherty says he is still "conflicted" over the third secret of Fatima, which involved the shooting of a pope and which the Vatican says was fulfilled when there was the attempt on the Pope's life in 1981. However, Dougherty fears that without adequate prayer the event may still be in the future.

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