Prophecy: the indications of something coming

by Michael H. Brown

        It has nothing to do with the year 2000. It's not related to any deadline this Christmas or New Year's. It could take years to unfold. But something is beginning to occur. Just last week came reports that a seer from Medjugorje, Ivan  Dragicevic, had allegedly alluded or had quoted Our Blessed Mother as alluding to "big days" that are "approaching."

          It was nothing apocalyptical and we still need to confirm facts but several have attested to it and if true the very use of such words was significant from a normally staid seer who virtually never makes such references. It followed similar remarks from fellow Medjugorje visionary Vicka Ivankovic, who spoke of the Blessed Mother's plan "unfolding," and Maria Esperanza, whose site of apparitions in Venezuela has been approved by the Catholic hierarchy and who said the world is approaching a time of upheaval.

       No one has said it's related to the famous secrets from Medjugorje -- where Mary has been appearing since 1981 -- and no one gave a time-table, but a new gear -- a spiritual gear -- is in motion.

          We're in a build-up. It could take years, but the stage is being set. There is motion in the natural, military, political, and economic realms. After a period of relative quiet that stretched from the late 1980s, it's a time of events.

          I felt that most particularly in speaking with Esperanza, who warned that foreign nations are now eyeing the U.S. and waiting to strike its underside. Although she didn't specifically say which countries, she has mentioned China, the Middle East, and alluded to events that will shake the world.

          No matter who wins the election, the portrait is of a world bristling with tension.

          Such happenings often unfold in a gradual way over a period of years but there are always major events that serve as dramatic punctuation -- that rattle us -- and we're entering an era of drama. Could one of the seers have been referring to a "great sign" predicted to occur in Medjugorje? 

          Since the early 1980s the visionaries have spoken of an event that will convince unbelievers and will be accompanied by healings. In 1982, when a mysterious fire occurred on apparition hill in Medjugorje (a fire that raged for 15 minutes but didn't so much as scorch the brush), the Virgin said this was a "forerunner" of the great sign, and it came to mind again when, speaking at Saint John the Evangelist's Church in Quincy, Massachusetts, on December 5, Ivan reportedly quoted Mary as saying, "Dear children, I would like in a special way to call all of you to begin to pray with your own families. Pray dear children that the big days which are approaching, there will be a spiritual healing to take place. Dear children, thank you for having responded to My call." 

           As i said we're still waiting for further confirmation but there's no doubt about what Esperanza said and there's little doubt that the world is heading into the steeper curve of a purification.


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